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Each article will cover a specific topic to help assist you in understanding different conditions, why they occurs, how you can help yourself heal and of course products on special that will align with each topic.

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VIBRANT HEALTH SERIES NO 11 - Depression-A Real Pandemic!

2018’s Theme Gut and Colon Health….
Final in The 2018 Series
Depression- A Real Pandemic!
It Is Real!
It can be eradicated!
You can have well-being again!
You can find Happiness and Peace again!
All it takes is dedication and the will power to overcome!

It is shocking to note that every single person has experiences some form of depression in their life, whether they are aware of it or not.  To categorize depression is extremely difficult but we will attempt to give some idea for your better understanding.

– General description of depression can be described as a person who is continually in a low mood and experience dysfunctionality in all tasks of daily life. Difficulty in maintaining normal task from as simple as getting up in the morning to getting to work or holding down their job.

-Slight to Mild depression could be no goals in life. Struggling to just get out of bed with no purpose in life, almost on auto pilot.

-Mild depression could be unable to cope with life in general, finding difficulty in coping with life in general. Surviving each moment, each day and almost wishing away the time. Having no goals or ambition in life but to hide from all the chaos. Using distraction in excess like watch hours and hours of TV, playing games for hours, using alcohol or drugs to numb all feelings,  excessive exercise, or any compulsive action that will distract the mind. Struggling to be alone with oneself.

-Sever Depression is in most cases the absolute inability to cope with the smallest of tasks. Having no will to be interested in anything including your own health and well being. Detached from life and easily thrown overboard by the slightest changes in circumstances. Sever loss of appetite and no energy to complete simple tasks like making a cup of tea….. Read on

pet health

VIBRANT HEALTH SERIES NO 10 - Our Pets and their Hygiene.........

Hyigiene applies to our beloved Pets as well

They rely on You!
For their Health….
For their well-being…
And for their Happiness…
In return we get Unconditional Love and Loyalty

There is no doubt that South Africans love their pets with over 60% of the population being pet owners. But do we know enough to ensure their well-being and happiness.

Pets have taken on more prominent roles in the later years from companions, to guide dogs to protectors to health diagnosis and have played a major role in teaching us unconditional love no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. They assist us in leading more balanced, stress-free vibrantly healthy lives even if we are not aware of their important roles. But what do they ask in return from us? Click the button to Read on

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