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In response to hundreds of emails and phone calls relating to the Coronavirus and whether we have any additional information on possible ways to either combat or protect ourselves against this epidemic we have decided to release this article to assist you. Please note that the information shared is based on a few sources and may not be ours or Dr Hulda Clark’s views.

There is a article being shared on amazon on Dean Koontz book and the possible predictions he made about the virus and its origins. There seems to be some controversy about  this, as there always is, when certain epic pieces of information are discovered or released and it would  be our view that each must use their own discernment to ascertain the validity of these pieces of information.

It does seem a bit bazaar that in 1981 a book was written with the exact information now being disclosed on the virus spreading through our world. However, those that have come to know and study Dr Hulda Clark’s theories and protocols will see the seeming correlation between electrical current uses and the protocol of Full Body Vital Organ detoxes to combating and preventing dis-eases.

For those not quite o fay with the protocols : Let me expound a little. Dr Hulda Clark in all her research found that most if not all dis-eases originated from a few basic core issues: Acidity: High Toxic levels within the physical form which caused the viruses, bacteria and parasite loads to increase exponentially due to foods being readily available in the form of toxins, and then leading to discordant energies within the body. Heavy metals, preservative and colourants added to the food bases for these little critters and produced a healthy environment for them to thrive and multiply unabated. In all cases mentioned in her studies if the physical form was balanced and not acidic cancer, viruses, bacteria and all dis-eases could not survive. In her 60 odd years of research she proved to many that by assisting the physical form by way of Full Body Vital Organ Detoxes combining herbs and electrical current we could reduce the loads within our systems and by so doing align our immune system to fight back against any invasion.

“NO matter how long and confusing the list of symptoms the person has, from chronic fatigue to mental problems, I am sure to find only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants and/or parasites. I never find lack of exercise, vitamin deficiencies, hormone levels or anything else to be a PRIMARY causative factor- “The Cure for all Diseases- page 5.”

Herba Farmacy Natural Healing was founded 20 years ago with Dr Hulda Clark’s assistance and guidance. She assisted with protocols, herbs, uses and the building our Zapper currently sold today. We are so privileged to have had her by our side guiding us to create this one of kind industry in Africa and proudly advertise that we are the ONLY True Dr Hulda Clark Approved Specialist producing and guiding client till this day.

With all Dr Hulda Clark’s knowledge base at our fingertips, through her books and videos  we can, with the use of her protocols of combination herbs and Zapper assist ourselves in preparing the best we can to avoid immune breakdown and ensure our systems are as strong as possible to fight back against any invasion.

For those that are new to the Dr Hulda Clark Protocols we would suggest visiting our website where a huge amount of resources and information as well as products are available for you to make use of. Visit our YouTube Channel and please comment, like and get in contact with us if you need any further assistance.


The Zapper


Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing is the leading authority on the Clark protocols in Africa. Our Zappers have been personally tested and approved by Dr Clark. We not only know how to make them for maximum safety and efficacy but we are also equipped to assist you to use them correctly and for best results and we have been doing so with good results for over 20 years. Whilst the circuit diagrams in the books are simple and there may be many electronic enthusiasts making one version of the Clark zapper or another, it is our experience that there are many zappers on the market that purport to be cheaper, better etc. but that are in fact are not essentially Clark Zappers at all. The reason is that making even minor adjustments to the Clark design may render it a different machine altogether which could at best make them less effective or at worst potentially even harmful.



New Tincture on sale now

Many of our clients for years have requested that we create a fusion of products to assist them in administering herbal tincture which they regard as easier and faster to apply.  We have over the last 20 years made available to you Dr Hulda Clark’s Traditional kits. They are the best in the range for efficacy and yes they are a little long and complex , but as Dr Clark specialist we would be remiss to not have them available for you.

Late 2017 we introduced a easier version of Full Body Vital Organ Detoxes in the form of Quick Cleanses. They have proven to be a huge success. Many clients, having never done detoxes before,  tried out the Quick Cleanses. After having never detoxed before these products gave them the confidence to then do the True detoxes in Dr Hulda Clark Traditional kits with great success.

But still we do have many clients and many of us now are facing economic difficulty that we finally decided to make available Fusion Tinctures to assist you even further. These tinctures are combinations of Dr Hulda Clark and are slightly adapted but still afford those unable to purchase the Traditional kits the ability to engage in detoxes and build better health. The tinctures are affordable, easy too use and much simpler in their application
Please note that these tincture are in the process of being tested by you our clients to see how well they are received in the market place. They are not featured on our online store yet as we would first like to get your response before we engage in huge costs of labels etc…..Once we have ascertained that they are welcome and needed in the market place we will go to the next steps of launching online…

The tincture are:

Colonix – Turmeric/Fennel/Green Black Walnut/Marshmallow/Echinacea/Uva Ursi Fusion – R 73.00

ParaClear – Green Black Walnut /Wormwood/Clove Fusion – R 82.50

Pure Kidney Flush – Marshmallow/Ginger/Uva Ursi/Golden Road/Phyllanthus Niruri Fusion – R 73.50

Liver Flush – Artichoke/Dandelion/Liquorice/Milk Thistle/ Wild Yam Fusion – R 75.50

These will be available for the office at a discount of 45%. First come first serve basis

PS: All our tinctures and Quick Zap capsules now on sale at 45% discounted. Use coupon code love to qualify on line


Dr Hulda Clark’s famous quote: Prevention is better than cure” rings so true , especially today when we are faced with epic viruses and unknown dis-eases rearing up all the time.