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Getting Rid of PCB’S

PCB’S is some what of a difficult topic to cover as many scientific communities still do not acknowledge the existence of PCB’S and their damaging effects.

Where may PCB’S be found?

Firstly check your water supply. Run your water through a Water Filter cartridge and then send it for testing. You will be astonished that PCB’S will be present in most cases. For HIV/AIDS patients get a simple pitcher -filter to run your water through. Add a Capsule of Vit -C to the first few pitchers of water and then run through the filter as instructed.

Cooking Oils, Soaps, Shampoo’s, Conditioners, Baby Toys, Baby Bottles, Baby Tithers, Dentures, Toothbrushes, Eye Glass to name but a few examples.

PCB’S disperse all over the body in the fat layers and coat accessible cells with a thin layer much like oil slick. The WBC’S get smothered by it and lose their functionality.  This then prohibits the WBC’S ability to phagocytize, eat, the bodies enemies. PCB’S normally only stay in the bodies fat layers but if a trauma or shock is experienced they can and do migrate to the weakened area in the body through the injury or trauma. Immunity now fails in the organ making the injury far more serious. The PCB’s have now crossed the barriers and spread through the body.

How to remove PCB’S

  1. The first is to deal with your water for cooking, drinking and sanitation.
  2. Develop a routine of taking Ozonated Olive Oil in large doses- 1 Tablespoon per day.
  3. Take Coriander either in oil form- 1 drop 3 times per day OR in Tincture form 20-30 drops 3 times per day.

Ozonated Olive Oil mobilizes the PCB’S from the organs and ushers them to the Kidney’s and Bladder and then out with the urine. Ozonation can be hazardous in large amounts, so it is advised to take a reducers like Vit E -400 Units per day 5 Hours away from the Ozonated Olive Oil.

How to Avoid PCB’S

  1. Cook with clean coconut oil and use Olive Oil as dressings.
  2. Convert all soaps, shampoo’s , conditions, lotions and all body products to natural alternative that do not contain PCB’s and Benzene
  3. Use Borax as a dishing washing soap and laundry detergent
  4. Detox the Whole System with Dr Hulda Clark Traditional Kits ONLY. Repeat this minimum twice per year

Removing Benzene

Benzene deserves a special mention because of its lethal damage and importance to all of us not only HIV and AID’S patients. All petroleum products should be excluded and remove from the diet, cleaning and hygiene products. Benzene is found in many products you would not believe possible: Here are a few

Mineral Oils, All Vaselines, flavourings, spices, vinegar’s, some wines, yeast, polishes, paraffin, candles, beer, cooking oils, cold cereals, toothpastes, chewing gum, ice cream, hand creams and make up.

Benzene lowers the immunity even in a minute dose. In HIV once you remove the Benzene and Benzene related products you rid your body of all traces within 3-5 days. But in AID’S the skin and all fat locations hold onto the Benzene for weeks.

Clean up Benzene.

  1. Use 1 drop HCL and a pinch of Vit B2 to wash all fruit, vegetables, bottles and eggs before refrigeration.
  2. Left over foods always add 1 drop to the food after re-heating
  3. Clean out the fridge twice per month with borax.
  4. Remove all chemical cleaners from your home and switch to natural
  5. Remove all body products that are chemical and switch to natural
  6. Use Vit B2 min 600 mg with each meal
  7. Use Magnesium with the Vit B2 always
  8. Use L-Cysteine to detox the system,
  9. Use Geranium Tincture to supplement your geranium content in the body. It will fight harder to maintain your Immune
  10. Use Hydrangea Tincture to boost the immune system
  11. Add HCL to all water before drinking. 1 drop to. Never take HCL neat on the tongue.
  12. Drink Bicarb of Soda every morning and
  13. Use Vit B6.

We are all contaminated with Benzene so why does only some contract HIV/AID’S?

Here is the crux of the matter! The Parasite- Paragonimus is higher in some cases and this leads to the contracting of the conditions. This parasite comes from a specific mould toxin- mycotoxin – zearalenone: from popcorn, Potato chips, baked potatoes with green spots and eyes, french fries, bread and toasts.  This mycotoxin affects the Liver and it ability to detoxify the Benzene causing build up in the Liver.

You have now accomplished two goals

“You have killed Fasciolopsis, Paragonimus and Eurytrema with all their stages everywhere in body. You no longer have the sources of the HIV virus or SV 40 Virus. You have eliminated the four immunity blockers: asbestos, metals, PCB’S and Benzene. Your biggest white blood cells, the macrophages, are now busily eating all bacteria, dead parasites and toxins that had accumulated. Your phagocytizing ability is back; you have your own army around you. BUT YOU ARE NOT YET VIRUS-PROTECTED. For this you need your lymphocytes.

Rescuing your Lymphocytes- AZO Dyes Removal

Fast Garnet causes CD 4 cells to be programmed to die
Fast Green causes accelerated cell division in the bone marrow and spleen, causing leukemia’s and polycythemia. It has the same effect on CD 8 cells.
DAB, another dye, causes alkaline phosphatase, in blood to rise abnormally
Sudan Black B causes elevated lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) in the blood
Fast Red Violet causes elevated lymph blockages and effusions so that lungs or the abdomen must be drained
Fast Red blocks the formation of urea, so BUN levels in the blood are low and toxic ammonia can accumulate
Sudan IV blocks the formation of creatinine so it is low in blood tests

AZO Dyes have not been evaluated sufficiently and thus have been allowed to enter our food system.


Eating coloured foods is the most obvious ways of getting Fast Garnet and Fast Green in the system. The second most common course of AZO Dyes is plastic teeth and fillings. They all contain AZO Dyes. They slowly seep and contaminate AZO Dyes into the system on a daily basis. But they not only have AZO Dyes they also contain lanthinides, heavy metals as well.. Using the tooth Zapper will harden the fillings in the mouth and harden the denture.. See The Cure for HIV/AID’s Book.

How to clean up AZO Dyes

  1. Vit B2
  2. Co enzyme Q 10. Take 10 capsules in a single dose. Repeat for 5 days, take in the morning on an empty stomach. Then take once per week as a maintenance dose.
  3. Homeographic Drops
  4. Daily Zapping
  5. Take Geranium Tincture
  6. Vit C
  7. Book HIV/AID’s- see 2 weeks advanced protocols for all Advanced HIV and AID’S patients.

As the process of removing all toxins from the body can get rather confusing and complex. We are available to consult with you and work a Action Plan out that suits you. All the Protocols will be listed for you to follow one after the other systematically and easily.

Contact the office on 033-3307613 if you wish us to guide you through this process and have a Full Action Plan laid out for you to follow