Basic Practitioners Course



The Basic Practitioners Course

This course will enable you to better understand Who Dr Hulda Clark is and what her protocols are. It will give you a deeper understanding of what parasites are capable of and the different types that exist. You will also obtain a full understanding of the electrical equipment (Zapper and others) and its uses,  a in depth coverage of the various basic and advanced programs , food rules, pollutants,  solvents, Homeographic drops and their importance, heavy metals, hygiene, home clean ups, dental cleanups, foods to avoid and why, quick reference to aliments.

The Correspondence course is made up of:
1 x The Cure for HIV and Aids written by Dr Hulda Clark
1 x Cure for all Cancers written by Dr Hulda Clark
1 x The Cure of all Advanced Cancers written by Dr Hulda Clark
4 Assignments, which need to be completed to get certified
4 free emails of questions and answers in the 2 month period of study
A Certificate of completion with a pass rate of no less than a 65%
Time frame to complete the course: 2(two) Months


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