Burdock Tincture 50 ml


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Burdock Root herb can be very beneficial in relieving urinary tract problems, infections in the bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract, kidney stones, and other conditions involving this system. The herb acts as a diuretic action causing your body to eliminate more water and waste. One reason for common urinary tract infections is not enough fluids. When you do not drink enough water, urine sits in your kidneys and bladder and the bacteria multiply and grow stronger. Frequent urination during the day prevents this, but when you do not drink enough water your urine starts out dark and concentrated. Burdock seeds are believed to help prevent kidney and bladder stones, and to treat and break down any stones that are present. The seeds help to flush out the urinary tract system, and to slowly break down the stones so that they become much smaller and are easier and less painful to pass through your system. The Burdock herb can also help soothe inflammation and ease the pain from urinary tract infections and other problems.

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