Citric Acid ( HOUSEHOLD ONLY) 200g




Citric Acid ( HOUSEHOLD ONLY) 200g


What is Citric Acid?

Citric acid, also known as sour salt, is found in citrus fruits, like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. Like vinegar and lemon juice, citric acid is a mild acid that can be used in everyday household cleaning. Citric acid has many uses. It is traditionally used in candy flavouring to give the candy a sour flavour. Citric acid may also be used as a preservative and a colour dye; it’s also found in sodas, cosmetic products and cleaning products due to its cleaning properties. It is naturally antibacterial and is actually capable of removing rust and softening water. Citric acid is sometimes used in laundry detergent. Furthermore, it is gentler than most chemical products on the market.

Cleaning the Bathroom With Citric Acid

We’ve all experienced scrubbing a shower door or fixture for what feels like hours, only to realize that those stubborn water stains just won’t budge. Amazingly, citric acid can be used in most areas of the bathroom (not just the steam shower) to dissolve stains and remove calcium build up.

Hard water and soap create stains on showers, bathtubs and sinks that can be difficult to remove. Expensive cleaning products claim to remove these stains, but many of us have spent money on these products only to bring them home, use them and realize that our bathrooms don’t look cleaner at all. Read on to learn more about using citric acid to clean bathrooms, and you may never spend money on expensive cleaning products again.


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