Comprehensive Candida Detox Kit


Fully Comprehensive Candida Detox Kit  consisting of 8 Kits plus additional products. Less 15% Discount

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A Fully comprehensive package of kits-8 in total- that will cover all aspects of Candida Protocols.  Listed in propriety of use.

Slow Zapping Kit

Full Drops set plus T-set

ImmuneZap Capsules

Bowel Cleanse

Herbal parasite Cleanse with L-Ornithine -Sufficient for only 1 Person -Purchase additional kits for partner and family members

Mop-Up 3 Weeks

KidneyZap Capsules

Liver and GallZap Capsules

Can-Zap-Dida Caspules

Heavy Metal Detox Kit

Candida Handbook

Pain Control/Sleeping/Calming/Booster:

Borax 200g

Living Water 1 Litre

Kombuchu 1 Litre

Rafaa Cranberry

MSM Capsules 100

Organic Oregano oil and Neem Tooth Powder

Sleep Deep Capsules 30’s x 12

UTI Clear Tincture

Uric Acid Support Tincture

Turmeric and Black Pepper Capsules 60

Coconut Oil 1 Litre

Product you will have to purchase from a Health Shop:

Selenium Viridian 90 x 1

Hi Potency Digestive Aid Viridian 30 x 2

Glutathione Caps or powder

Alpha Lipoic Aid Caps

Calcium and Magnesium


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