Comprehensive HIV/Aids Kit


A Fully comprehensive package of kits-19 in total- that will cover all aspects of HIV/AIDS Protocols. They have been Listed in the full description in order of use to enable each client to follow their own Self-Health HIV/AIDS Protocol with ease and confidence. DISCOUNTED AT 15%

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A Fully comprehensive package of kits-19 in total- that will cover all aspects of HIV/AIDS Protocols.  Listed in propriety of use.

Slow Zapping Kit

Homeographic drops Full Set plus T-Set

Immune Kit 9A with Lanthanide Kit

Immune Booster Tincture

LG/LA Capsules

Asbestos Detox 4 weeks

Bowel Cleanse

Herbal parasite Cleanse with L-Ornithine -Sufficient for only 1 Person -Purchase additional kits for partner and family members

Herbal Parasite Maintenance Program to be continued indefinitely

Pet Program- Sufficient for only 1 Pet- Purchase additional kits for more pets

Children’s Parasite Cleanse- Sufficient for 1 Child- Purchase additional Kits for more children

Food Rules/Food Table/Food to Avoid

Mop-Up 3 Weeks

Kidney Cleanse

Liver Cleanse- Only one supplied – Purchase additional Kit as 6-10 should be completed

Pain Control/Sleeping/Calming/Booster:

Bicarbonate of Soda 100gm x 2

Vit B2 Powder 30gm x 1 (With Empty Capsules 50) x1

Hydrochloric Acid 50 ml x 1

Heavy Metal Detox Kit:

Vit B 6 Powder(Encapsulate yourself)
Vit E 400 iu Obtain from Health Shop
Alpha Lipoic Acid Viridian Obtain from Health Shop
Vit C Ascorbic Acid (Encapsulate yourself)
MSM Capsules
Selenium Viridian Obtain from Health Shop
Zinc Obtain from Health Shop
L-Cysteine Capsules
LG/LA Capsules
Geranium Tincture
Green Power Tablets
Calcium and Magnesium Obtain from Health Shop
L-Glutathione  Obtain from Health Shop
Empty Capsules to encapsulate your own products

PCB Detox Kit:

Ozonated olive oil

Cooler box and Ice Pack

Coriander Tincture

Benzene Detox Kit:

HCL Drops


Vit B2

Magnesium Capsules

L-Cysteine Capsules

Geranium Tincture

Hydrangea Tincture

Bicarbonate of Soda

Vit B6 20 g

Azo Dye Detox Kit:

Vit B2 Powder 30 G

Geranium Tincture

Hydrangea Tincture

Milk Thistle Tincture

Sacred Bark Tincture

LG/LA Capsules

Dr Hulda Clark Books:

The Cure of HIV/AIDS


Product you will have to purchase from a Health Shop:

Selenium Viridian 90

Bromelain Viridian 30

Hi Potency Digestive Aid Viridian 30

Glutathione Caps or powder

Alpha Lipoic Aid Caps

Calcium and Magnesium Powder

Zinc Viridian


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