DR Hulda Clark Heavy Metal Detox Kit-100 days


Dr Clark has written much in her various books on the issues related to heavy metal toxicity and she suggests, as do other researchers, that urban man has dramatically higher exposure levels than our ancestor.  This Kit is designed to detox the system in 100 days of all heavy metals .

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Vit B 6 Powder(Encapsulate yourself)
Vit E 400 iu Obtain from Health Shop
Alpha Lipoic Acid Viridian Obtain from Health Shop
Vit C Ascorbic Acid (Encapsulate yourself)
MSM Capsules
Selenium Viridian Obtain from Health Shop
Zinc Obtain from Health Shop
L-Cysteine Capsules
LG/LA Capsules
Geranium Tincture
Green Power Tablets
Calcium and Magnesium Obtain from Health Shop
L-Glutathione  Obtain from Health Shop
Empty Capsules to encapsulate your own products


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