DR Hulda Clark’s Benzene Detox Kit


Benzene lowers the immunity even in a minute dose. In HIV once you remove the Benzene and Benzene related products you rid your body of all traces within 3-5 days. But in AID’S the skin and all fat locations hold onto the Benzene for weeks.


Benzene deserves a special mention because of its lethal damage and importance to all of us not only HIV and AID’S patients. All petroleum products should be excluded and remove from the diet, cleaning and hygiene products.

Benzene is found in many products you would not believe possible.

Clean up Benzene.

  1. Use 1 drop HCL and a pinch of Vit B2 to wash all fruit, vegetables, bottles and eggs before refrigeration.
  2. Left over foods always add 1 drop Of HCL to the food after re-heating
  3. Clean out the fridge twice per month with borax.
  4. Remove all chemical cleaners from your home and switch to natural
  5. Remove all body products that are chemical and switch to natural
  6. Use Vit B2 min 600 mg with each meal
  7. Use Magnesium with the Vit B2 always
  8. Use L-Cysteine to detox the system,
  9. Use Geranium Tincture to supplement your geranium content in the body. It will fight harder to maintain your Immune
  10. Use Hydrangea Tincture to boost the immune system
  11. Add HCL to all water before drinking. 1 drop to. Never take HCL neat on the tongue.
  12. Drink Bicarb of Soda every morning and
  13. Use Vit B6.

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