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Herbal Parasite Cleanse Fusion of Wormwood, Clove and Green Black Walnut

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Green Black Walnut Tincture

Juglans Nigra- Made from fresh green black walnut fruit

Black walnuts are rich in organic iodine, iron, potassium, selenium and tannins, which provide anti-septic qualities. They assist in healing mouth/throat sores, aids in digestion and acts as a laxative. Black walnuts were used by the Indians of America as an anti-parasite, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungus remedy for generations. Black walnut is also known for its ability to lower LDL cholesterol to up to 10%. Its active ingredients are Juglans, tannins and iodine, thus having the ability to kill the adult stages of the parasites. The extra strength Green Black Walnut tinctures made directly from the freshly picked Black Walnut fruit.

Green Black Walnut Tincture is used in combination with Clove Capsules and Wormwood Capsules in the Herbal Parasite Cleanse Program.

Used in conjunction with Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture and Wormwood capsules/tincture in Herbal Parasite Program and Children’s Herbal Parasite Cleanse
Clove has anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-septic and anti-parasite properties. It also aids in digestion, stimulates and warms the system, helping those who suffer from cold extremities. It also stimulates sweating in colds, flu and fevers and is well known in assisting in calming toothache. As a calmative, it is good for expelling gas and stopping intestinal spasms. Wonderful to use on toothaches
(Clove is very strong and can cause irritations to the skin if used in it pure form.)

Exhibits a broad range of antimicrobial activity*Promotes blood circulation*Calms digestive complaints*

Used in conjunction with Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture and Clove capsules /tincture in Herbal Parasite Program and Children’s Herbal Parasite Program.
Wormwood is known for its vermicide properties and assists with weak and under active digestion. It is useful for gastric pain, increases stomach acidity and the production of bile, improves appetite. Wormwood also stimulates the uterus and helps bring on suppressed menstruation, induces sweating, lowers fevers and can reduce migraine headaches. Wormwood expels roundworm, and pinworm and assists in killing the larval stages of parasites. It is helpful for liver insufficiency by stimulating liver and gallbladder secretions
(Do not use during pregnancy)

Safety Information:

This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicine Control Council and is not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease. Please consult your health practitioner before using this product.


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