PROBAC Laundry Liquid


PROBAC Laundry Liquid

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PROBAC Laundry Liquid gives you a cutting-edge natural clean for a natural home.

PROBAC Auto Laundry Liquid unique natural cleaning action biodegrades dirt and stains, deep cleaning and enhancing prolonged newness and durability of fabrics and clothing without harsh chemicals.

How to use:

Seperate whites from colours. NOT FOR USE ON SILK AND WOOLEN ITEMS.

Front and Top-Loader Automatic machines: One measure (40 ml) per 5-7 kg load for standard moderately soiled wash. Cold or warm wash – maximum 30 degrees.

One and a half measures (60 ml) per 5 – 7 kg load for high soiled wash. 30 degrees warm wash.

Suitable for hand-washing: One measure (40 ml) to 10 L warm water. Soak, agitate and rinse with clean water.

PROBAC Laundry Liquid is an in-use concentrate.



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750ml, 5L


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