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Weed Killer 1 Litre



New Weed Killer Spray Gun Application

1 X Litre Weed Killer mix( Balck Walnut/Epsom Salt and Vinegar)

NEW CHRISTMAS LAUNCH -GARDEN HEALTH Getting our homes and gardens into shape can be a daunting task, especially when battling prolific weed growth, Borer beetle infestation and the many other goggas we have to contend with. Being green and environment friendly makes the task even more complex, as we move towards less toxic applications. There are not many choices on the market that can assist us if we are aiming at ridding ourselves of chemical applications. But now we can offer you these new products which are environment friendly and contain no pesticides or chemicalsNew Weed Killer 1 litre Spray Gun Application Specially formulated with Black Walnut, Epsom Salts and Vinegar, this product will ensure your weeds are gone for good. Please note this application is for paving only as the black walnut will kill your grass.

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