What you can do for your family to keep them healthy this winter!


Check out our Winter Wellness YouTube video and then read on for more greater info to keep you well this winter.

With winter coming into full swing, I like to take time to remember the many ways I can help support and boost my immune system for winter wellness. I aim to get a eight hours of sleep most nights, and I check that I am doing at least two sessions of some sort of exercise every week, mainly doing Qi-Gong every day to ensure that my energy levels are maintained and kept high. As a Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach, I’m always aware of how the nutrients in fruits, vegetables and other foods can promote good health and a healthy immune system. DR Hulda Clark’s famous quote: “Prevention is better than cure ” comes to mind. Rather than waiting until flu,colds or fevers hit, I always aim to protect my system in a preventative way by using the many tools in our Health Kit. Taking care of my mind and body does wonders for staying healthy throughout the year but especially in the Winter months –

Most flues are caused by Salmonella and Shingella which emanates from contaminated dairy like, milk, cheese, cream, yogurts, cottage cheese and eggs. I have watched the shocked look on many clients faces as I explain the action I take against contamination of this kind. Most of us will buy goods, including eggs, from the store and on arriving home place then directly into the fridge without any precautionary measures. I, on the other hand have learnt to always wash all my containers with a solution of Lugol’s and HCL before placing them into my cleaned fridge or freezer. Use 4 drops HCL and 4 Drops Lugol’s Iodine in a basin of water for this purpose.

Why would I do this you may ask? Who has handled your container, who has coughed on the container, who has sneezed on your container.. we will never know! SO based on this unknown factor I make sure that all my bottles or containers are washed before refrigeration. Then I come to the eggs. The container that your eggs comes in is saturated in salmonella and viruses… I always remove the eggs from the cardboard container and soak them in 2 drops HCL water for 5 min, dry them off and them store them in a sealed container in the fridge… Do you know that most people do not refrigerate there eggs!! Placing the cardboard container that is contaminated directly into your fridge contaminates the whole fridge and all the ingredients in it . So no matter how you are trying to cut down on flu the salmonella just keeps coming back.

By improving your hygiene levels you will ensure that your family has a strong immune system to fight off any attacks. Wash your hands regularly or keep a small bottle of Skin Sanitizer in your immediate vicinity. Spray on land line head sets, key boards, door handles or cell phone them wipe off with a paper towel to ensure you do not get contaminated by others germs. When using Skin Sanitizer do not forget to spray a small amount into your palm and then run your nails through it. The underside of your nails are a huge breeding ground.

Hydrated well in winter as your body comprised 60% of water and when you get thirsty you are already 3% dehydrated. Hydration is essential as a daily task and should become a practice that is part of your lifestyle, especially in winter when the dry winter months sap away your moisture. Water hydration assist not only in your cognitive ability but also regulates your digestion and colon health. Herbal teas are considered water so you can supplement with wonderful teas like Rooibos, add 15 drops each of  hydrangea, ginger ,passionflower and Echinacea tinctures. This also acts as a huge Immune Boost tea. Use Echinacea Tincture as a booster every morning as part of your Winter regime.

Ensure you get good sleep during the winter month as the body is in a natural cycle of almost hibernation and we are forcing it to function at wide awake cycle. If you struggle to get a good nights sleep use natural supplements like our Sleep Deep Capsules.

Eat right for Winter months ensuring you are absorbing sufficient Vit C 1000 mg  and Vit D 4000 i.u to boost your sluggish winter body. The cold month brings the tendency to eat comfort foods which are not always the right choice. Include rather healthy hearty soups and stews for the warm meals and include winter veggies and fruit in your diet like sweet potatoes, beetroot, bananas, kiwi, garlic and ginger as well as the famous turmeric and black pepper. You may chose to supplement with our turmeric and black pepper tincture or capsules.

In addition to feeding the body well make sure your are moving in the winter months, as most tend to curl up under a warm blanket in doors. Circulation and movement of fresh clean air is require not only in the environment but within your body as well,  Locked up indoors in stale air creates a breeding ground for all germs and bugs.

Getting good exposure to sunlight is vital in the winter months as it gets dark quicker and the exposure to Vit D drops. This will also drop your levels of serotonin causing mood swings, moodiness and even depression. Supplement if required. Boosting the serotonin levels can be done with carbs and whole grains, use quality carbs like sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin and squash.

Flu- From The Cure of All Diseases Page 201

  1. Slow Zapping with L-Ornithine
  2. Homeopathic Pillules Oscillococcinum 5 per day 3 times a day
  3. Boost with ImmuneZap Capsules 2 per day
  4. ColonZap and ParaZAp
  5. Lugol’s Iodine 6 drops in 1/2 glass of water 4 times per day
  6. Warming teas like Ginger and Hydrangea
  7. Boost with Echinacea Tincture

Fevers From The Cure of All Diseases Page 203

  1. Slow Zapping with L-Ornithine
  2. ColonZap
  3. ParaZap
  4. KidneyZap
  5. Liver and GallZap
  6. Up Hygiene levels using Skin Sanitizer and Pip Air
  7. Lugol’s to break fever
  8. Children’s Parasite Cleanse
  9. Pet Parasite Cleanse
  10. ImmuneZap Capsules

Tummy Bugs

  1.  6 drops Lugol’s Iodine in 1/2 glass water use to drink capsules
  2. 6 Turmeric and Black Pepper Capsules
  3. 6 Fennel Capsules

Repeat three times in the day


  1. Drink one glass of water with a 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt in. Do this only once per day
  2. Slow Zap or Zap for 7 min in the three sessions
  3. DO full Body Detox as filtration system are no working well

Running Nose

  1. Use a saline solution to irrigate the nasal passage .
  2. Get adequate rest and avoid strenuous activity. You may be achy and lethargic, so listen to your body. Take it easy until you’re feeling better.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably hot tea or water. Alcohol and sugary drinks are not what your body needs when your immune system is down.
  4. Zap and use Geranium to boost your Immune system

Sore Throats and coughs 

  1. Use the correct tinctures for either wet cough or dry cough.
  2. Use Lung detox Tincture to break the phlegm

Lay Off the Antibiotics 
The cold and flu culprit is a virus, not a bacteria. Antibiotics won’t work on viruses. In fact, they can promote the threat of viruses and other diseases because antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut. These beneficial probiotic strains have profound immune-strengthening properties. So make sure your gut is fully populated with the good microbes by using Kombucha as a Pre- biotic and Rafaa and probiotic.


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