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Each article will cover a specific topic to help assist you in understanding different conditions, why they occurs, how you can help yourself heal and of course products on special that will align with each topic.

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Currently more than 100 000 chemicals are used to produce many of our household- hygiene and personal care products. A staggering 2000-5000 new chemicals being introduced to our markets every year. We have most certainly entered into the synthetic compounds era with full force.


Toxins are various substances created synthetically or by biological chemical processes. Toxins can be either ingested through food, air and water or liquids AND through the skin via personal care products like creams, lotions, shampoos, soaps hair dyes etc.  These toxins can build up in the physical form in the organs, cells, blood and bodies water ways. Imagine 10/20/50 years of toxic build up in your system!  What it would look like? Would you imagine a machine filthy dirty would delivery the same output let say a car engine. Most definitely not! All sorts of issues would be in play and the engine would not deliver optimum speed or performance. Your physical form is exactly the same. The performance, ability to heal and support you would be highly compromised. Not only do we find wear and tear to the physical form sped up but dis-ease will be able to take hold in this vulnerable situation as our system will not be able to defend itself against attack.

…….. See More

Health Starts in Your Gut

VIBRANT HEALTH SERIES NO 6...Connection between Gut and Brain...

A Massive amount of research is now available on this most amazing finding… And it is becoming very clear through this research that most dis-eases and inflammation in the body originate from gut health. But what is the link to the brain and why is it so important to observe?

And finally, the connection between the gut and the brain. View this link to understand how the gut works and the link between brain and gut.

This shows why the lining in the colon becomes permeable and then allows particles to penetrate the system. How Leaky Gut affects the functioning of the brain in a major way. Why we then suffer from headaches and brain dysfunctions. These are the major reasons why Leaky Gut has been linked to conditions like Bipolar,Autism etc……… See More

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