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The only company manufacturing herbal products and the Zapper in Africa, in accordance with Dr Clark Protocols and personally approved by Dr Clarke Herself.

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We are The trustees of ultimate health.
Leading you into real wealth.
Your health!

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About Us


Herba Farmacy-Natural healing has been assisting people for over 18 years to regain their bodies’ natural state of health through the use of 4 basic strategies.

Removing the toxins from your lifestyle that may be harming your bodies’ natural defenses.

Repairing the damage that exposure to these 21st century toxins may have done to your body

Dealing with whatever organisms may have taken a foothold in the body due to the lowered defenses.

Repairing the damage that may have been done by parasitical infestation

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Do you want to feel vibrantly alive?

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Consider talking to us at Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing.
We are specialists in the business of natural detoxification and removing the underlying causes of dis-ease.

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