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weight loss - gut is key

VIBRANT HEALTH SERIES NO 9- The Skinny Healthy New You.

You have probably tried all the weight loss fads, starving yourself, measuring each gram and have been miserable throughout the process. And then to top it all if you did manage to lose weight within a few months it is all back with extra to boot. What is important to understand is that if the gut is overloaded with impacted material, and if you have not done any detoxes it will be, it is unable to nourish you, it is poisoning you daily, and it is storing all the energy you take in by the way of food as fats. Without a clean functioning bowel you will never lose weight permanently no matter what products you try, no matter how much you starve yourself. Generally your health is not good when you are overweight and based on the above symptoms you may have even progressed further into serious health conditions like diabetes, emphysema, diabetes, gut related dis-eases etc. So what is the right way to tackle such a complex issue? The best and most permanent way is a LIFESTYLE change, not a fad for a few weeks or months … A true dedication that you wish to feel vibrantly healthy and powerful again


You think you’re eating healthy, but aren’t.

If you are not eating 75 % of your serving as “real food”- That is living food like salads and veggies, then you are not eating right. The secret to a healthy weight loss is to eat food that is packed with nutrition, no empty calories are needed. Eat 3 solid meals per day to avoid getting the nibbles consisting of fruit and greens in smoothies for breakfast, salads or veggies 75% and 25% protein (chicken/fish/ meat) at lunchtime and a healthy hearty soup for dinner. By skipping meals you are starving your body of the nutrients it requires. Studies show that the majority of overweight people are under nourished mainly because they are either staving themselves or they are eating junk food filled with sugar, salt and preservatives. Forget the measuring, counting of grams and skipping meals or substitute meals they do not work! Cut down on dairy and only eat white cheeses, switch to butter and get rid of all margarine’s. Use Coconut oil to cook with in place of Olive Oil. Coconut oil can take high temperature and Olive oil is meant to be taken cold like in salad dressings. Cut out ALL sugar and switch to pure honey as your sugar alternative, it not only tastes great but pure honey has amazing healing ability for your gut…. Read More

Hands Bacteria

VIBRANT HEALTH SERIES NO 8- Hygiene, you may not be aware of.........

It is shocking to observe that many of us have lost the true art of hygiene. I am not talking about just having a neat and tidy home, which is just as important, for your home will depict your state of mind, but hygiene on a level where we are truly aware of the dangers we introduce to not only our families, but pets and nature as well.

Ladies Handbags, purses, wallets and bank cards
Most of us will carry these items were ever we go: Public toilets, restaurants, shops, sports centres and in so doing subject these items to all sorts of bacteria and fungus in the process. Ladies handbags will see different floors many times per per day collecting all the toxic material in the process!

Statistics show that many wallets/purses cards and handbags will be used well over 3 years at a time without ever being cleaned or sanitized at all. Bank cards are handled by everyone and then placed back into wallets and handbags all over the world. Money is exchanged on a regular basis entering and exiting wallets and purses numerous times per day. Ladies we all know everything goes into the handbag except the kitchen sink. Make-up, applicators, tissues, money, cards, wet wipes etc. all in this tiny confined space… a breeding ground for bacteria. Stats show that due to the varied places handbags go and are placed they are even more toxic than our bathrooms and toilets.
Observe where you place you handbag after entering your home. Kitchen counter tops, dining room tables couches, the floor ,your bed, stored in clothing cupboards.. How many germs from who knows where have you just deposited in areas you normally would never imagine possible…. Read on

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weight loss - gut is key


EXTREME FORMULAS THAT WORK You have probably tried all the weight loss fads, starving yourself, measuring each gram and have been miserable throughout the process. And […]