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Herba Farmacy-Natural Healings mission is to assist all those individuals and professionals who wish to take back their power of health. To take responsibility of applying and implementing a complementary approach in their efforts of improving their own health, their patients and clients health. To assist all who wish to improve their knowledge of Dr Hulda Clark protocols. We are stronger when we do things together!

“When “I” is replaced with “We”… Even illness becomes wellness…”  Dr Hulda Clark

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Dr Hulda Clark Health Protocols

The only true Clark Protocol manufacturers and distributors in South Africa of Herbal Products approved by Dr Hulda Clark, including The Zapper.


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Now Available! Financial Freedom whilst serving the Natural Health Industry.
15% Discount on all Products.
Building a health future together



Deepen Your Clark Protocol Knowledge

Want to expand your understanding of Dr Hulda Clark Protocols?
Our correspondence courses will help you do just that.


Launch Your Own Product Range

We’ll manufacture, package, and white label our products just for you.
No fuss. Just order and sell.

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Our Knowledge via E-Learning

Our Knowledge via E-Learning

We are so excited to share with you the shifting of focus in our business to bring you more value in accessing the knowledge we have grown over the last 20 odd years, of Dr Hulda Clark Protocols, health in general, herbal remedies and how to make them, in the form of...

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Breathe…Our Life Blood

Breathe…Our Life Blood

Lung Health is in the Limelight at the moment.... Breathing is a mechanism often taken for granted as the action is so automated we hardly notice our breathe. Lung Health, as we all can imagine, is vital in our lives for without out it we would not survive. Not only...

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