Desiree has been associated with the Natural Methods of Healing most of her life. She grew up in a household which allowed freedom of expression and development and through this has developed and created her unique technique. This technique has given her the ability to observe energies that are deeply embedded in the body, mind, emotional body and intellect of her clients.  One must remember it is all by free will choice that we accept and implement what is true for each of us individually. I act merely as a conduit for clients to be able to listen and hear what their physical forms are saying! Ultimately, as each individual develops and assists themselves to heal and grow, will they all come to hear their own inner essence themselves.”

I also consult with clients on health issues and assist them in finding the pathway back to their optimum health, through an intergarted method of herbs/electonic eqiupment and energy. My approach is a holistic one of viewing all aspects of my clients; mental, emtional, physical and belief patterns, to assist in the healing process.

It is a journey into yourself, empowering YOU to heal yourself with the aid of herbs and protocols.

“Life is not meant to be survived, it is meant to be lived in bliss, joy, love and balance

Her studies have included:
Dr Hulda Clark Protocols – Owner of Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing CC
Aromatherapy, Nutrition & Diet

Ethno Medical Practitioner

Swedish Massage
Indian Head Massage
Dr Hulda Clark Practitioner/Consultant and Scio Practitioner