3 Natural Health Steps for Supporting Winter Wellness

Jul 1, 2023 | Dr Hulda Clark Remedies, Winter Wellness

Follow these three winter steps for a healthy and natural transition through this cold season


Proactive – Prevention – Protection

3 Winter Steps



We all know that the coming months are the toughest in our winter season. Already we are noting that these winter ailments are harsh and tough to over come.

Respiratory conditions seem to be the highest problem experienced at the moment with many having to take extreme steps to recover. I am bringing this to your attention for  one reason only.  Pro activity..

Proactive steps

Through assisting many clients who have already contracted these conditions prior to consulting me, it has become apparent that proactivity is very necessary. Recovery after contracting these conditions is very slow and often exhausting.

My aim is encouragement to proactively protect yourself before you get sick. Prevention is always better and easier prior to experiencing these conditions than afterwards.  To protect yourself and your family is not a complex task and can be done in very easy steps consistently throughout the winter months


Research shows us that over 70% of SA population have large infestations of parasites. These are made up of different pathogens we ingest, like through unclean water (as we have currently experienced in many towns recently), unclean environments (not sanitizing correctly), our food through pesticides etc. Common parasites  and bacteria are tapeworm, e coli,  cholera, amoeba, candida, flukes, ascaris etc..

We can remove these pathogens in a natural and safe way using natural remedies, if specific well designed protocols are used. Excellent results can be achieved without damaging the gut or causing any additional  issues. Parasites can cause many symptoms that are often overlooked when analyzing and overcoming chronic health conditions. In some cases many years of research and treatments have delivered poor results , only to find that when a good parasite detox was undertaken most if not all the symptoms disappeared.

Detoxing results show higher energy levels, strong immunity, well functioning gut, and an overall sense of well being.



It is always advisable to combine a good nutrition plan with your detox plan. By applying these two strategies you will achieve better results and have a higher success rate.

Elimination Plan

Foods to avoid:



Dairy Products

Junk Foods

Sodas and energy drinks

Any products containing yeast

Use HCL on nuts and and eggs to remove mould,    e coli and salmonella

Coffee and Tea minimize with no sugar

Avoid  rancid oils- rather use Olive oil cold and coconut oil for cooking

Pre- made meals and processed meats

Canned foods

Preservative rich products

Reduce carbs and increase fat intake

For those that can and are willing , a fasting period is also recommended, even if it is a only a14-16 hour period from  the evenings to the next morning. By fasting whilst doing a cleanse you enable your digestive system to catch up so to speak , allowing faster healing and recovery.  Hydration plays a huge role in maintaining good health, so during your fasting drink hot toddies like lime and lemon  with apple cider, add hydrangea or ginger to the mix to boost your immunity.

An important point to consider is that detoxing is not only a well documented method for overcoming illnesses but also a massive tool to assist in protecting and preventing any future conditions that you may encounter during the tough winter months, as well as all year round

Elimination reactions

You may have heard me talking about detox fall out. What this is , in simple terms , is that when a detox program is done you will have reactions of some  sort. The symptoms of fall out will vary with each person, dependent on their level of toxicity and life style choices they have made in the past.

To avoid severe reactions I have always advised my clients to use the Dr Hulda Clark Zapper in combination with detox herbs. To ensure you remove all unwanted bacteria and by products use fulvic and humic acid during your detox program. They bind to the toxins and unwanted material and help pass them through your illuminations organs effectively and easily.

As you detox with detox herbs, detox foods and the zapper, the unwanted visitors will come out to feed on this material as it passes through your gut, in the process they will ingest some of the herbs and other detox foods and these will then eliminate them as they travel through the body.

Using the fulvic and humic acids after a meal will assist in grabbing up the toxins in the gut, blood stream and eliminate them through the different channels before they can get to the organs of the body and cause a negative impact.

A powerful part of the detox , elimination and food detox is healing the gut. This is where all your nutrients originate from and feed your entire system. The health of the gut is super important and should not be ignored. If left in a unhealthy state, the mucus membranes,  intestinal walls and the digestive function can be severely affected by inflammation.

The goal of detox is to rid your body of parasites, bacteria and toxins in a healthy and sustainable manner. Reducing your inflammation in the gut ensures that these unwanted visitor do not return at a later stage and cause even more damage.

Ensuring you continue to do regular detoxes and fasting will prevent, protect and preserve your future health. Anti-inflammatory programs will ensure you have immune strength, energetically vibrant and able to withstand any attack at any time on your health.

Rather than waiting until a condition strikes use preventative measure that will ensure you are fully proactive, protected.



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