Gluten Freedom Recipes


A book created by Desire Nagel out of love and dedication to her daughters health



Desire Nagel’s Story

It all started with a holiday trip to  the sea, when my little two year old daughter started throwing up in the car after one too many wheat and soy product meals. We didn’t know what caused it, so off to the doctor for tests and the results where shocking to say the least. She had severe liver and kidney damage among other allergies like wheat, bananas, peanuts, soy, oats, and some other minor foods we have been feeding ourselves and our family with.

Being on a plant based diet is hard enough, but moving away from the very foods that we though was healthy was another learning curve altogether, but I think we have made it so far and would like to help others with the same problem to find the gluten freedom without wheat.

With the help of herbs, our daughter was completely healed within 7 weeks without wheat and those problem causing foods.

We are all healing from years of misuse of foods, well… we have not been to the Dr. since the good news.

Would I reintroduce wheat back into my diet…? No way. I found something far tastier & healthier than good old wheat.

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