Immune Booster Tincture 50 ml


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Echinacea enhances immune system function, support and promote normal interferon production. It also promotes healthy white blood cells and healthy immune system response following stress, sudden changes in weather or temperature. Its actions support the lymphatic system and encourage tissue support and renewal function.

Pau D’Arco originates from the rain forests in of Brazil. It has amazing ability to nourish the body’s defence mechanisms and protect it against attack. An herb used for centuries for immune system support, detoxification, and supporting general well being, purify blood and especially successful at supporting joints.

 Astragulus Is a blood purifier that nourishes the body and assists in building white blood cells to increase the body’s natural killer cells.

Suma Root is jam packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins B1, B2, A, K1, K2 and E, plant sterols, amino acids (19) and pfaffic acids, making it a natural mega supplement

Cordyceps is a premier lung tonic, mood enhancer, cardio vascular supporting mushroom. Its ability to strengthen the lungs and adrenal glands for greater oxygenation of cells, organs and brains is well known. Its powerful anti-oxidant with adaptogenic capacity, assist the body in reducing damaging effect of stress and promotes quicker recovery and regeneration.

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