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Sciences meets nature in harmony
X80 times more effective
Non-toxic – Multi purposed sanitizer
Child Friendly-Pet friendly-Environment friendly

So what is anolyte?

Anolyte is a water based product that has been proven to have a powerful effect on killing previous variants of corona virus within 15-30 seconds. Previous testing shows the proven effects can be transferred to new variants of corona virus and tests are currently underway on SARS – COVID -19 at various institutions and universities.

Anolyte has been manufactured in South Africa for over 9 years now and is used by trusted brands and big industries in processing, food and beverage industry, animal industry, water treatment plants, swimming pools, as well as in medical facilities all over the world. Please see an attached testimonial from the University of Arizona..

This is actually not a new product but through the high demand for hygiene products in the fight against SARS-COVID 19 we are experiencing negative side effects to consuming so much denatured alcohol in the form of traditional sanitizer through the skin. Denatured means the alcohol has other additives such as isopropyl , acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and denatonium added to make denatured alcohol. Moreover, the addition of these extra molecules doesn’t affect the chemical nature of the ethanol but makes it highly poisonous.


Denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits or denatured rectified spirit, is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad-tasting, foul-smelling, or nauseating to discourage recreational consumption. It is sometimes dyed so that it can be identified visually.Wikipedia

Based on the traditional sanitizers being highly toxic we have to look at better alternatives to toxic products that are now being used in such high volumes on our skins. This is where Anolyte shines brightly through, offering a non toxic diverse application that is safe and highly effective.

Anolyte is more effective through its deactivation process, called phagocytosis, which inactivates all large envelope, medium and non-envelop viruses without the harsh caustic chemistry. The key ingredient is hypochlorous acid, HoCl, that is recognized across the medical industry as a wonder molecule for destroying pathogens.



Looking at the chemistry

Anolyte is produced via a patented process of high precision electrolysis. Using simple salts and purified water, the solutions are ionized and segregated in a diaphragmed reactor. The Product of the anode is anolyte or super oxidized water containing HoCl

HoCl – What is it?

Hypochlorous Acid HoCl is a simple but remarkable molecule produced by our own bio-chemistry native to all mammals. When dealing with infection our neutrophils produce this molecule to combat infection. Anolyte is a technological mimicry of this natural process.

What are the uses?

Anolyte is a multipurpose sanitizer used on surfaces, hands, produce, for decontamination, medical equipment and water disinfection. It is rinse and residual free. It is safe to use around food, pets people and has no toxic effect. It is being used by many in the field of burns, wound recovery, debridement agent and cleaning solution for acute and chronic wounds, burns 1st and 2nd degree, as well as for bed sores. It is used in moisturizing wound dressings during cleaning and irrigation of wounds. Anolyte reduces the bacterial load, removes fetid odour and supports in speedy wound recovery.

Anolyte is a non toxic hand sanitizer safe to use on children and pets.  An Anolyte bath for pet can be done by spraying a mist onto pets coats and towel drying it with wonderful sanitizing  and deodorizing effects. It is a highly effective cleaning agent in bathrooms and shower curtains against spores(1/4 cup to a bucket of water or use neat if you desire higher efficacy). It is fast drying and can be used safely in your refrigerator to decontaminate. It has shown to reduce age spots on the skin and does not dry out your hands like traditional alcohol sanitizers.

Anolyte is used by many big name brands to combats mould growth in cereals, to clean packaging machinery leaving no residue when the products pass through to the end packaging process. It revitalizes fresh fruit and veggies and extends their shelf live besides the natural disinfection abilities it holds.

How effective is it?

With hundreds of scientific research papers available the efficacy is proven and accredited globally. It is anti-microbial, virusidal and sprocidial. Microorganism destruction takes place in seconds with no know resistance. It is also Act 5 and SABS registered.

Some individuals may identify the faint odour of Anolyte with chlorine or a bleach product. The chemistry of salts and their activation and resulting smell is a complexity of chemistry. The HoCl in Anolyte is derived from chloride, which is the anion that makes up Sodium Chloride, also known as normal table salt used by all. This together with the activation process and additional oxygen can result in an odour that some may identify with bleach or ozone. This odour dissipates with seconds.

Anolyte on the hand is Ph neutral and features HoCl which is the safest and most efficient oxidant from the salt family. It very different from bleach chemically and has rapid effects on viruses and bacteria with no toxicity or irrigation.

Other uses

Soak, brush, spray or fog work areas
Kills germs, kills infections, kills odours
Treats water
Can be used to wash nuts to remove mould from storage
Cold sterilization of tools and equipment
Used in the dairy industry
And is also used to treat effluent before disposal.



A wonder by-product of Anolyte is Catholyte.

What is Catholyte?

It is a non-foaming detergent effective solution for all purpose cleaning, non-toxic, Eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals and abrasive compounds.

Alkaline Catholyte has a pH between 11 and 13  and acts as a powerful de-greasing agent. Effective de-greasing and detergent for all purpose cold cleaning ,removing of biofilm, proteins and fats. Its ideal for use on surfaces, walls,tiles appliances and equipment in households, but also holds a primary position in commercial industries to replace harmful abrasive agents. Added surfactant enhances the grease- cutting power for vehicles, tools and equipment.

Furthermore , this solution can be used as a residue free cleaner and surface reduction  C.I.P, surface hygiene, laundry and wherever there is a need to increase pH levels of water to be treated. The dexterity of this products speaks volumes to adding value not only in your pocket but through its ability to be utilized as an non- toxic Eco-friendly tool. The applications is actually endless. Some being mould in showers and tiles, clean first with catholyte( 1/4 cup in a bucket of water or neat) and then spray down with anolyte, spores and mould will not return. Disinfection of floor tiles and its added action of removing stubborn strains is rather remarkable. Used very successfully in the application of cleaning stubborn oven and stove stains(used Neat or diluted). Used as a non foaming dishing washing detergent adds volumes to its efficacy and non toxic application and removing stains without pre-soaking.. It is used extensively in the dairy and farm industries.

Used as an initial veggie and fruit and nuts wash (one cap in basin of water), then misted down with anolyte you have long lasting fruit, veggies and no toxic residue left from pesticides or other toxic treatments.  As an alternative to the highly toxic laundry powders (1/2 cup of catholyte to each load) and liquids the combination of anolyte and catholyte can not be beaten in efficacy and multi purposed uses. The down scaling of all the individual cleaning agents which cost a bundle never mind the toxicity they carry can not be compared to the cost effective combination of these two products as stand alone for all household purposes and commercial uses..

Literally making the use of these two produces dirt cheap.


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