In this blog we would like to cover information that can benefit you in boosting your physical, immune system and mind placing you in powerful position of strength to fight back against any invasion

Natural Products assisting you to better protect yourself!

What can you do?

We have all been bombarded with huge amounts of news on the current virus and what we should not do…. But very few are taking a positive spin on what you can do to protect yourself and improve your chances of contracting this virus or any other winter ailments.

Beside the normal advise of washing hands, sanitizing, social distancing we can do quite a bit to better our chances like:

  1. It has been  notice by doctors that using ibuprofen causes complications in patients that have contacted the virus, so ideally use paracetamol to break the high temperature if you must use a chemical.
  2. As winter arrives we are naturally more prone to developing loads of mucus,so use a herbal tincture remedy like our Lung Detox which contains Comfrey and mullein(antiviral) or Marshmallow(anti bacterial). Or make your own mixture by blending lemon and honey to act as a natural cough syrup.
  3. Hydrate well as now more than ever we need our cellular water content to be vibrant and health ready to fight a good fight. Warm water with lemon is a excellent form of hydration at this time.
  4. Try to stick to a alkaline foods that are above the pH level of the the virus like:lemon-9.9pH, lime 8.2pH, Avocado 15.6pH, Garlic 13.2pH, Orange9.2pH- Research to find more
  5. Get out into the sunshine.. The worst thing to do is stay lockup inside.. Wherever you can get sunshine on as much exposed skin as possible. The Sun helps produce Vit D which is vital for immunity. But fresh air breathed into your lungs is just as vital to keep your lungs strong and healthy.
  6. Boost your immune system with immune foods like our Immune Booster tincture which contains antiviral herbs. Or Immune Zap Capsules and LG/LA Capsules to build your white bloods cells that protect your immunity.
  7. Take Vit C in larger doses.

What Are Antiviral Herbs?

God’s Pharmacy provides us with a bountiful of powerful natural herbs to fight viral infections. The list we provide here is by no means exhaustive but does include some of the most potent and easily accessible herbs.

These antiviral herbs contain varying properties that may assist in warding off and fighting virus based infections. Viruses are pathogens that can only survive inside cellular structures of other living organisms. They search for hosts to proliferate in and can cause a wide range of rather unpleasant if not dangerous symptoms. Using antiviral herbs increases your immune systems ability to fight off infections as well as strengthen it.

How to use Antiviral Herbs?

The are many different applications that natural herbs can be used in, some being teas, diffuses or steaming, but strongest recommend application to access the highest potency is through tinctures or extracts rather than raw plant form as most of the active properties in antiviral herbs are not water soluble.  As a surprising bonus to this tincture are generally the most economical and have a long shelf life making them far more affordable.

Herbal Tinctures can be taken in two different formats of pure extract directly into the mouth avoiding contamination of the bottle as best possible, or by adding to already boiled water as a tea. To add a natural sweetener of raw honey not only makes some of the bitter herbs more palatable but adds the healing properties of honey to the tea as well.

Why use antiviral herbs?

Many antiviral herbs contain a potent ability to support and boost your immune system, meaning that your body has at its disposal more strength to battle any type of invader. The importance here is that viruses can infect a host in a myriad of ways through blood, coughing, sneezing and poor sanitation to name a few. So your best defense mechanism is ultimately a powerfully strong and active immune system.

A shortlist of some of the most potent antiviral herbs

  • Oregano                  Echinacea                 Astragalus Root         Ginger
  • Licorice Root         Peppermint              Dandelion                   Ginseng
  •  Fennel                    Mullein                     Green Tea                    Pau d’ Arco
  • St John’s Wart        Skullcap                  Turmeric                      Cordyceps
  • Oregano Toothpastes

Using Anti bacterial herbs potent support as winter arrives

  • Cinnamon                 Clove                    Wormwood                    Marshmallow

Uva Ursi             Hydrangea                   Green Black Walnut       Colloidal Silver


Client Testimonial

Dear Desiree

My symptoms started on Friday afternoon. I could feel something was wrong, since I was very sleepy and had heart palpitations. I realized my body was struggling, but I was not sure why.

My symptoms worsened to shortness of breath, sore throat, fever and tiredness.

It was only Sunday morning when I could find time to test myself on my derma screening device. I managed to isolate the Coronavirus frequency, at a strength of 110. I self-quarantined immediately.

I also started with treatment, which consisted of half a strength Parasite Program (one teaspoon Green Black Walnut Hull, 3 Cloves capsules and 3 Wormwood capsules), together with a 90 minute resonance treatment (similar to the Zapper). This was on top of my usual vitamins and olive leaf treatment. I also made myself some homeopathic drops with the COVID19 frequency and also took a bit of Colloidal Silver. However, it was after the combined parasite and resonance treatment that my symptoms started to clear up.

The next morning the virus frequency strength was down to 28. I took another half strength Parasite dosage, this time with 4 caps Cloves and 4 caps Wormwood, with another 2 resonance treatments. I continued with the homeopathic drops as well.

The next morning I felt much better and could not find the COVID 19 virus frequency.

This morning was the second day of being clear of any COVID 19 virus frequency and almost all symptoms have cleared up. My husband had a similar journey and experience over the past few days, with the only difference being the dosage of the Parasite herbs: he took the full strength program once-off (2 teaspoons black walnut, 7 Cloves capsules and 7 Wormwood capsules).

I believe the parasite herbs and resonance played a major role in our quick recovery, (even though we also took some vitamins and other herbs) due to the direct improvement in symptoms after the treatment.

Thank you Desiree for the many years of faithfully supplying us with these wonderful products, which once again have been instrumental in creating wellness just when we needed it most.

To God be the glory!

Warm regards- Client with Herba Farmacy for over 15 years