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You may have heard about Dr Hulda Clark and her protocols before, so for those that are unsure or new to the modality, let me give a very basic explanation as an introduction.

Dr Clark was an internationally renowned Canadian research scientist, born on 18 October 1928 in the old Soviet Union. In 1979 she left government funded research and began private consulting and her own research, which concluded that the scientific community has to pay more attention to two things: parasites and toxins. She is a well know author of 8 best seller books that deal extensively with the protocols of herbal cleansing, parasites and the protocols to follow to assist us in cleansing our bodies and has over 60 years worth of research behind her protocols.

“NO matter how long and confusing the list of symptoms the person has, from chronic fatigue to mental problems, I am sure to find only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants and/or parasites. I never find lack of exercise, vitamin deficiencies, hormone levels or anything else to be a PRIMARY causative factor- “The Cure for all Diseases- page 5.”

Dr Hulda Clark found that parasites release products from their metabolism that poison our bodies. She plotted correlations between particular parasites and particular dis-eases. Her main focus was on identifying and removing causative factors in order to keep our bodies healthy and our immune system functioning correctly. The basis of Dr Hulda Clark’s therapy is actually quite simple, so simple that most of us overlook it: Remove the cause of an illness and the body will heal itself. The main causes of illness is generally toxins in our environment and parasitical infestations.  Couple this therapy with any other modalities of healing and you have a powerful tool to assist all clients into Vibrant Health.

Times have changed dramatically and we have to adapt and adjust our way of life. Decades ago we were not faced with the level of toxicity of water, air, hygiene products, as we are today. Yes, you are right, years ago there were parasites, just as there are today, but since peoples systems were not as toxic, they could defend themselves with their strong immune systems, not as now.

“Information on health and prevention is a right of every human being”.

So armed with this information it would lead us to the most obvious conclusion- Detox with a Full Body Detox, aimed at the most important organs, to ensure all parasites/toxins and pollutants are removed. One Phase or singular detoxes will not rid your body of all the pollutants that have built up over many years. Many over the counter Detoxes only target a minute % of the bad parasites that cause health issues and often using a singular detox will actual cause an explosion of parasitically infestation.

How does this happen?  By only killing off a small % of bad parasites you are actually creating food for the other organisms that have not been killed. It creates a cycle of death and regeneration that can lead to most of the smaller organisms becoming food for the the larger parasites.  Full Body Detoxes aimed at the main Organs of the body ensures a higher % is eradicated and does not leave food  available to create a population explosion.  Having a clean Colon and System  will then enable the individual to display a healthy colon- The True Brain to our system. Now we have the Core Starting point without any peripheral issues to cloud true core issues. Your position of commencement has now been greatly empowered and you as a professional can jump in feet first with your own modality knowing that the results will be produced faster, more effectively and most important of all will last .The Gut Health is vastly improved to be able to absorb whatever modality you are using whether energy, heat, sound, colour, resonance or herbal in nature

Completing Full Body Detoxes twice a year should be a part of any clients and their families and Pets Health Regime. By ensuring families detox every year we are enabling their Immune Systems to be receptive and powerful to fight off all the new strains and bugs coming out of the wood work. Beside the obvious Health benefits , detoxing does save hundreds of rands for clients… Why? When the body has been detoxed, the Colon function is improved and able to absorb any vitamins, nutrients and product far more readily. No waste!

We have all seen the adverts of killing 99.9% of all germs, parasite etc… But what we need our clients to understand it that we need to kill off only the bad parasites, remove the toxins and change the lifestyle to a vibrant whole living way . To accomplish this we need the good parasites and bacteria in our system to assist us in defending ourselves from attacks. The Full Body detox has no additives, no colourants or solvents and  encourages the good bacteria and parasites to grow and protect us as they should.

Herba Farmacy does not only look at Detoxing the right way to assist our population into Vibrant Health but we do have many additional items to increase our hygiene levels naturally without toxins that cause ill health. We follow  protocols of Holistic approach in cleaning not only the body, but the body products, the household products and the environment to ensure we have the best possible health and are able to maintain it .

DR Hulda Clark’s famous quote: “Prevention is better than cure ”

Combining Dr Hulda Clark’s Detox Kit with any modality has proven to boost any Heath Care Professional outcomes.. We have Yoga instructors/ Chiropractor/ GP’S/ Fitness Centers/Colon Therapists/ Energy Resonance Professionals/Dentists/ Beauty Therapists/ Dietitians/ Spa’s/ Retreats/ psychologists and many more all using our product in conjunction with their modalities with amazing results.

We have a wide range Wholesale Prices available, including Affiliate programs that are available free of charge. Please call us or email us and we will be only to happy to assist you find the best solution for your modality.

To all Professionals….. Let us know how we can collaborate with you to building our Nations Health Vibrantly.


Complete Wellness all depends on clearing the way forward…
How to achieve the highest and best results.
The New Health Revolution begins with Detox…………



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