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Toxicity Clean Up. Body. Home. Environment
June 4, 2018
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Hygiene Linked to Gut and Colon Health
July 3, 2018

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Boost your Immune defenses with one or more of the following choices

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Immune Zap Capsules supports the immune system and boost the natural defenses against attack.

DR Hulda Clark Traditional Immune Kits- Immune food is essentially to feed the white blood cells to ensure they have sufficient resources to operate optimally

Make warming tea’s adding 10 drops Ginger Tincture and 10 drops Hydrangea Tincture – Ginger is a wonderful herb to build immunity and warm the body in the cold months. Hydrangea boosts the system to avoid infections

Echinacea Tincture is a wonderful antiviral, antibacterial tincture which raises the levels of infection-fighting white blood cells.

Spice Tea Tincture is a magical combination of warm herbs with mega boosting ability

Cayenne Pepper Tincture can be added to any tea to boost the oxygen levels in the body and warm you up

Astragalus Tincture builds the white blood cells and assist in keeping immunity high

LG/LA Capsules or Kit are available as Mega White cell boosters that feed the white blood cells to assist in immunity health

Keep well hydrated with Living Water Super Concentrate Full Spectrum Water- 1 Litre make over 100 litres of pure harmonically programmed and nourishing water.

Germ Control
Become slightly germ obsessed, at least for the winter months. Wash your hands regularly, sanitize once you have been to any public place, or better yet carry the handy 50 ml Skin Sanitizer in your purse. Also available in 250 ml and 1 litre. Sanitize cell phones, landline earpieces and especially your computer keyboards regularly. Use our HCl 50 ml/Handy refill is wash all veggie, fruit and containers before placing in your fridge

Sleeping Aids

Be sure to get enough rest and relaxation in these winter months, as chronic stress and sleep deprivation are both known to wear down your immunity. Use L-Ornithine Powder or our New Sleep Deep capsules as  sleeping aids- not addictive, gentle and gives sound sleep.

Lung Care
Lung Detox Tincture combo of mullein and Comfrey helps lift phlegm off the lungs and expel it

Homeopathic Pillues are natural anti-biotics for colds, flu, fevers, swollen glands, inflamed sinus and adverse lung conditions

Caraway Tincture assist in soothing sore muscles, clears colds and bronchitis, reduces fevers and is a huge vitamin boost for winter months.

Marshmallow Tincture is soothing to respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and coughing. It also loosens phlegm in the lungs

Stomach Flu

Use healthy oils to cook with like coconut oil which delivers huge benefits to skin and digestive system in the winter months. Even use coconut oil for after shower skin feeds which help fight bacteria. Coconut oil is so powerful many researchers are now advocating the use of Coconut oil for combating and fighting the dreaded Zika and Ebola viruses.

In some cases flu will be a stomach flu which can be very debilitating. The best remedy is Turmeric Capsules/Tincture, Fennel Capsules/Tincture and Lugol’s Iodine.  We have our local schools purchase these products from us for epidemic diarrhea, with excellent results after second to third dose.

Coriander Tincture assist in upset stomach, nausea and fights off unwanted bacteria and fungus

Colon Remedy Tincture is a wonderful mixture of herbs that assist in soothing the colon during tummy bug and flues