Exclusions: ( Certain Oils, Crystal Balls, Pamphlets, Books, PDF Books,Probiotics, Salt of The Earth Products, Electronic Equipment, Turmeric Golden Drink, Distillers and EMF Products)



We are offering our Black October/November Sale early to enable you to stock up on your Herbal Products before the new law kicks in. This is our contribution to assist you as best we can. By March next year we will not be legally able to manufacture or sell natural products in their finished format.

For those who wish to bulk stock the products , please make use of this discount to the best of your ability. We are in the process of morphing the business into the Learning Herbs-Herbology- DIY and will be running the finished products side by side until March next year. Thereafter, once the New law is in play, we will have herbs, equipment and E-Learning available for you to build your knowledge base and make your own remedies at home. We will have You Tubes and other platforms of knowledge exchange available for you to make use of.

Our New Website will be launched shortly which will incorporate the new format of DIY Herbs, Spices, equipment and E-Learning with all the current finished products as well. Please note all  the products we originally were offering will still be available just packaged in a different format which will require some input from you to complete into a finished product. Only once the New law kicks in March 2020 will we remove the finished products from the website.

We will also be launching a New Membership Program which will be structured on a discount bases and monthly membership fee. The structure will be in tiers of memberships which will grant you specific discounts on the products as well as the E-learning.  This is a new system to enable us to still be in service to you, assisting you along the way by means of education, knowledge building and self-empowerment. Even though these changes are in-convenient and upsetting we can join together on a rather exciting new journey of self knowledge of herbs and their uses. It just means we have to be on board to accept that times have changed and we must adapt the best we can.

This is the ONLY way we will be able to keep our doors open and will require your support to do so!

Just by our basic calculation.. What if I told you- you could save up to 80% on all your DIY Products! Awesome right!

It will require your input but what an exciting new journey it could be for all of us!