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November 23, 2018
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Black Pepper Tincture

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Black Pepper is known for its active ingredients piperine which calms the nervous system, reduces fevers, and relieves pain. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-oxidizing. It stimulates circulation and brings blood to the skin surface.
Digestion Issues     Improve Appetite   Treats Coughs        Breathing
Heart Problems      Colic                     Diabetes                Anemia
Piles                      Stomach Ailments  Dyspepsia              Flatulence
Constipation                   Improve Intestinal Health                    Promotes Sweating
Improves Vitality    Breaks down Fat cells

As a remedy Black Pepper has a extremely high value as a gastric stimulant to digest difficult foods.  It’s hot and stimulating character makes it useful for a variety of cold and flu symptoms as well as fevers with chills or for mucus congestion. It is most useful for coughs with thick mucus but not suited for dry coughs with very little mucus.
Black Pepper quickens the circulation increasing the blood vessels size and is helpful for those who suffer from cold extremities or arthritic pain.

But the most powerful of all is Black Peppers ability to increase bioavailability of herbs and foods. By Adding Black Pepper it means the qualities have been potentiated (Strengthened and made stronger). Most commonly known in the potentiating factor is Turmeric. Through this process it can also dramatically increase the absorption process. This process is called “Activator”.