Research Done by Dr Hulda Clark 60 years ago now scientifically confirmed by Italian Doctor.

Cancer effectively treated……..How? With Baking Soda, Lugol’s Iodine ,Diet and Herbal Detoxes….

Shocking new research has now come forward by an Italian Doctor Tulio Simonchini that cancer is a fungus and can be easily treated without invasive chemotherapy and radiation. This new research backs  Dr Hulda Clark’s research that cancer is in fact a very treatable condition… It has been our mission for the last 16 odd years to educate and assist the public that cancer and many other dis-eases is treatable. Dr Hulda Clark was way ahead of her time and was treated as a outcast for her findings that all dis-ease originate from toxins, solvents, metal toxicity and acidic systems….High levels of toxins, chemicals etc is food for parasite,fungi and bacteria. (Read our previous article on our blog “Detox for vibrant Health” for more information). Proof now on the table, supports Dr Clark’s findings and the fact that all her books are titled in some way THE CURE…. is in our minds factual and proven as it has been from the start of our business.

It is a known fact that in the plant and human world ,carcinoma is caused by fungal infections, they carry with them a tumour which weakens the immune system and creates cancer. The toxic load in the system from bad diets, chemical creams/soaps/general chemical household cleansers and poor hygiene is in fact food for these fungi, bacteria and parasites. The higher the toxic load the higher the acidic level in the system… Cancer can not grow in an alkaline system, this is a proven scientific fact.

Every cancer is caused by candida fungus…..Acidity is the growing medium candida uses to survive. Candida is rife in society because of our lifestyles and eating habits. We have forgotten the simple ways of living and respecting our beautiful bodies. By changing our lifestyles to a more healthy and balanced energy we encourage our bodies to remain strong, young, vibrant and healthy.

Candida infections can be treated and reversed by changing to this healthier lifestyle. You may have noticed that anti- fungal drugs on the market are ineffective in treating fungal infections, because most only attack the surface cells. This is the same with Chemo and Radiation treatments. They do not attack the mother cells and destroy them, they work on the surrounding cells and have no issue with killing healthy cells too. Fungi like candida weaken the cells and prevent proper absorption of nutrients as they attack the mucus cells, as an example in the colon, creating leaking gut syndrome. The exhausted  immunity can then not stop the system from producing foreign cells… tumours and growths, which are colonies of like minded abnormal cells.

Candida symptoms can be very debilitating : Chronic fatigue, anxiety, nausea, brain fog, mood swings, irrational thinking,skin conditions. digestive disorders and sugar and starch cravings. If left unchecked candida can lead to candidiasis. In this state it mimics other diseases and makes it very difficult to get to the root cause of any condition. It can cause perforation of the intestines and leaky gut syndrome. In having a intestines that have small holes in it, protein can attack the blood system and its cells.

So the steps to follow are:

Remove the food that feeds fungi, bacteria and parasites. A full detox of the system is required with drastic changes in the lifestyle and diet. Sugars, starches and junk food is removed from the diet. Herba Farmacy has many tools in our toolkit to support and assist you to heal permanently and remain healthy… One of which is the Tissue cleanse diet that assists you in cleaning up your eating habits and moves you to consuming fresh living food( raw vegetables and fresh fruit). We also have available a beautiful Booklet By Dr Shearer on Candida

Herbal Detox your system of all the built up material, fungi, bacteria and parasites with our Quick Cleanse kits . The full Kit consists of ImmuneZap, ParaZap, ColonZap, KidneyZap and Liver and GallZap capsules, each about 14 days in duration. (to purchase, see our shop link at the bottom of this post)

Alkaline the system with Bicarbonate of Soda aluminium free. This is taken orally every day for a 3-4 week period. A special recipe of how to take bicarb can be obtained when you purchased your stock from us. For Vaginal fungal infections, being the main culprit for cervical and vaginal tumours, take 2 litres of pure filtered water, add 2 tablespoons baking soda in a douche wash. By consuming Baking soda you are changing your acidity level to alkaline and cancer can not survive in alkaline conditions.

Lugol’s Iodine is a absolute must for all to use, as 80% of the populace are deficient. But Lugol’s has an amazing result when used as a skin painting method.( See Blog article on Lugol’s). Many Cancer patients have used this method with great success. Lugol’s is also paramount for all your organs to function properly.

Find a Practitioner that you can work with in a safe and calm environment to address your emotional issues. Cancer and other dis-eases first start with emotions and bad habits, and if left unattended will move to reflect in the physical form every time.

Herba Farmacy has dealt with many cases of clients with not only cancer but other debilitating dis-eases as well and have achieved remarkable results using Dr Hulda Clark Protocols. Clients with cancer are horrified to find out that some of the cheapest and simple methods that have been described in this article can assist them in curing cancer without the invasive chemo, radiation and/or surgery.

We have made it our mission to educate, assist and be available to spread the word, cancer is not a death sentence, it is treatable and affordable to all who have the courage to change the status quo.