Your right to choose herbal products over pharmaceutical products has been violated!

New Law in effect already!!!!

Are you aware of the New Law just passed ! Preventing us all from having the right to choose the use of all Herbal Products, manufacture them, wholesale them, distribute them, import them and export them…

The Medical Council is removing your right to choose without any consultations!

Herba Farmacy is you’re on the front line information base to inform you of what is happening on the Home Front of Herbal Remedies… We are members of TNHA an organisation that is bravely fighting the battle with the MCC (Medical Council) to save Herbal Remedies and Allow us the right to choose whether we use pharmaceutically produced or natural products.

Currently there is a court case pending outcome to fight against the ludicrous law being implemented by the MCC to have every single herb registered with The Medical Council. Even though herbs have been used for millenniums we are now required to register each and every one of them at a horrendous cost. So far only 2 Products have been registered by the MCC from 100’s of applications in specific categories.  The cost to register has been marked so high that very few, if not all of the herbal companies, do not have the funds to register these herbs, and if they did have the funds they would not be able to re-cope the costs of such registering without marking their products up to such a level they would become un-affordable to the public.

A New Law has just been passed two weeks ago… IT IS NOW LAW…. That will change how you are able to source, purchase and sell Herbal Remedies in South Africa …..

For Professionals and Practitioners this will mean that the TOOLS of your trade have been removed. You will no longer be able to practice your trade without the support of your herbs and remedies that create your modality.  The products that are being affected are Sports Supplements, Vitamins, and any and all Herbal Remedies.

This Road map for Cam and Health Supplements is a big issue.
It’s the biggest threat to the whole natural health product industry because by March all manufacturers must be licensed as pharmaceutical manufacturers. Note that pharmaceutical  facilities do not have a time frame in which to register but ideally take between 5-7 years to complete their full registration from beginning to end at a cost estimated at between 5-15 million rand,.  We are being force to do all this within a time frame of 6 months.

Note: Licenses will have to been obtained by manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers or distributors including Health Shops  by March 2020

3.2 Licensing Periods.
Only holders of a valid license issued in terms of Section 22C(1) (b) of the Medicines act shall be permitted to manufacturer, import, export or act as a wholesalers or distributors of complementary medicines. A transitional period of six (6) months will be provided for licence application of exciting complementary medicines manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors prior to the publication of new call up notices issued in terms of section 14 of the Medicines Act. After the six (6)months priority licensing period and publication of call up notices associated with Category D, any new manufacturer, importer, exporter, or wholesalers and distributors must hold a licence prior to manufacturing, importing, exporting, wholesaling or distributing any Category D (complementary) medicine.

By March 2020 (in six months from Now) all companies will have to be licensed. Only Licensed companies may trade, irrespective of whether the products are individually registered or not. If products are found on the shelf from unlicensed manufacturers, they will be deemed illegal.

The goals being set by the MCC for us is so unattainable and financially ridiculous that it basically means 90% of the industry will close their doors being unable to meet the demands in finances and time frame set.

To make matter even worse the Large suppliers of Herbs are being targeted to implement certain regulatory changes which makes it impossible for then to sell smaller qty of herbs and thus the minimums have reached 5-25 kg lots only. This means that small manufacturers cannot afford to buy in such large amounts and they too will have to call it a day.

To add insult to injury the MCC are arbitrarily going about Scheduling substances in herbs and, seeds without consultation at an alarming rate. What does scheduling mean? It means that only a Doctor may prescribe that particular herb even though they do not deal with herbs at all . The categories vary and in some cases your most beloved remedy will not longer be available unless through a Doctor at a huge cost to you. In scheduling at this alarming rate we as manufacturers are now no longer able to purchase scheduled herbs like Milk Thistle to name but a one. We must  have a pharmacist employed and be pharmaceutical registered to be able to source and make use of these herbs in our remedies.

This all many seem quite dire and it truly is a breach on all our constitutional rights to have a choice as to what we subject our bodies too, but most important of all is that herbal applications do not and have not seen direct links to any deaths world wide in their natural form. The Herbs are a gift from our creator for all to use and benefit from and now even our God given right is being removed and we are being forced to consume artificial products that have by research shown many deaths through pharmaceutical products at a count of 135 000 and 40 000 connected to food deaths and  health complications.


In the economies of the future, information moves at the speed of light. We are calling on you the consumer, the manufacturer, the exporter, the importer, the retailer, the distributor including health Shops and Stores to join us in a campaign against this unbelievably ridiculous Law. Please clink on link to TNHA and sign up to take a stand  for all our rights to choose Herbal if we wish too!

Or Contact Anthony Rees : 072 3777 598 for more information 

We also call for everyone to share and disseminate this Newsletter to all you can reach so we can create a drive together in saving our right to natural.