Celery Seed Tincture

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Actions of Celery:

Anti-oxidant – calmative – diuretic – nervine- stimulant – tonic.
Internally Celery is used in the following conditions of arthritis, gout and kidney problems. It acts as a diuretic, anti-oxidant and sedative. It reduces blood pressure, relieves muscle spasms and improves appetite. Celery is used very effectively against incontinence of urine, dropsy, rheumatism, neuralgia and aids the body to reduce excess acidity.  It is used for tendencies toward overweight, flatulence, and chronic pulmory catarrh and deficiencies diseases.

Administered as an anti-hypertensive agent for centuries, Celery continues to prove that there are many cardiovascular benefits. In further studies Celery proved to be both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant in its activities leading to improved blood pressure and control of cholesterol levels.
Celery is marvellous in its ability to prevent dehydration due to it high fibre and electrolytes qualities. Special compounds of anti-oxidant qualities like phthalides assists in liver, skin, cognitive ability and eye health.

Further to its abilities Celery contains chemo-protective compounds called polyacetylenes which reduces toxicity and fights against cancer cell formation as well as inhibiting proliferation of cells in cancer, intestinal cancer and leukemia.  Celery also aids healing in urinary tract by stimulating urine production and fighting bacterial infections within the digestive tract, including UTI’S.


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