Couples Preparing your Bodies

Naturally for Pregnancy the right way!

Healthy Husband + Healthy Wife = Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is exciting and such a privileged in couples lives with them looking forward to all the milestones that are to be met along the way with the growing fetus and of course, that beautiful bundle of joy as the prize at the end of the journey! Most times the importance of preparing for conception is overlooked by couples as this has never been a much talk about topic. Winging it! Is not the best solution in our current times. Any couple looking to conceive should realize that the responsibility of excellent health for both parties and the newborn is absolutely essential. Preparation should begin at least three to six months prior to attempting to conceive and then spending 2-4 month building nutrient stores for both mother and father should be considered. Ideally we speak now! That is not always the case, as we all know, surprises can and do happen!

A great concern is that many new mothers and fathers do not realize the toxic load that they are carrying and usually babies of today are born pre-polluted. Studies completed show that up to 232 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood can be present, 287 different industrial chemicals and pollutants of which 180 are known to cause cancer and 217 are known to cause toxic damage to the brain and nervous system.. These studies explain that many health conditions that adversely affect children today can be traced back to environmental toxic exposure. Heavy Metals also play a very vital role in many conditions being experienced in child illness as well.  This toxic load built up over years and prior to conception can have a heavy impact on the growing fetus, so taking time out to prepare and detox  prior to conception will create a healthier body, leading to a happy and healthier pregnancy, birth, baby and journey to parenthood…. Its well worth the extra effort!

The body detoxes through many different organs like the bowel, blood, skin, kidney’s, lymphatic system, lungs and liver. Detoxing will ensure that excess pregnancy hormones do not become stagnant, it will assist the body to absorb nutrients far more effectively, cut down on fatigue, improve fertility and create healthier vibrant sperm and uterus well prepared for conception.

Dad’s to Be Preparation for Conception

Even though Mum to be’s health is of the utmost importance, so too is Dad to be health a priority to ensure sperm is strong and healthy and detoxed from all the toxins built up over years.  We suggest the following Preparation to ensure ultimate health :

Clean up the diet by reducing all toxic in take in the form of food, products and by products containing toxins. Cut out sugar, yeast, caffeine, junk and processed foods. Stop smoking and consuming alcohol.

Slow Zapping with L-Ornithine
Full Set Homeographic drops
Bowel Cleanse
Herbal Parasite Cleanse with L-Ornithine
Mop Up 3 weeks
Kidney Cleanse
Liver Cleanse Repeated 5 more rime every 2 weeks
Heavy Metal Detox
Herbal Parasite Maintenance continued right up until conception
LG/LA Capsules to feed all the white blood cells
Supplement with:
Folic Acid
Ester C Combo Vit C
Supplement with the following to increase sperm count and mobility:
Ashwagandha Tincture- Builds stamina and energy, improves fertility and boost adrenals
Maca Tincture- increase sperm count, seminal volume, sperm quantity and mobility
Astragalus Tincture- Build Immunity and increases quantity and mobility of sperm

Mum’s to be Preparation for conception

How to prepare Mum’s to be is a little more complex but very achievable. The effort is well worth the results of a health bundle of joy and a happy healthy pregnancy.

Start off by spoiling your self with Epsom Salt baths once or twice a week. This will assist you in detoxing and clearing your skin, the biggest detox organ. Pour 1-2 cups pure Epsom salt into a hot bath add 2-3 drops of lavender to relax and unwind all the tension held in your body. Change up your diet with healthier choices removing all toxic foods and products from your regime like yeast, junk food, gluten, sugars, caffeine., alcohol, cigarettes and process foods.  Hydrate well during the day by consuming Living Water Concentrate- 2 Litre minimum. Exercise is paramount to build up muscle and stamina for the long gestation period of 9 months. Use exercise like Yoga, Pilates and QiGong to get the body supple. Strengthening the bladder is very important. Learn to listen to the body and when it calls to empty the bladder do not hold back or pinch off. This weakens the walls and can be detrimental during pregnancy. Use Tinctures like UTI Clear or Uric Acid Balance which we have in our tool kit to ensure you are not carrying any latent infections you are not aware off. Combined with good hydration this will strengthen the bladder in preparation for conception. Skin Brushing will help assist with removing all dead skin and speed up your lymphatic fluid to detox and help your skin breathe and rejuvenate in preparation for the stretching it will have to do during pregnancy. Build up your Adrenals by adding 1/2 tsp Himalayan Salt to a glass of water to be taken every morning. Most important of all keep your bowel working and moving, especially after you have completed your Full Body Vital Organ Detox.

Slow Zapping with L-Ornithine
Full Set Homeographic Drops
Bowel Cleanse
Herbal Parasite Cleanse with L-Ornithine
Mop Up 3 Weeks
Kidney Cleanse
Liver Cleanse repeat 5 times more every 2 weeks
Candida Cleanse to ensure you have no candida present that can be passed onto the unborn child
Heavy Metal Detox
LG/LA Capsules to feed the white blood cells
Supplement with :
Ester C Combo
Folic Acid
Magnesium and Calcium
Vit B complex
Multi Vitamin that will give you all the requirement- Check with your physician
Supplement with the following to increase fertility:
Chaste Berry Tincture- balances the hormones and assist in build fertility
Maca Tincture- Builds up the uterus and strengthens all you linings
Wild Yam Tincture- promotes balancing properties

Detoxing for Conception for Motherhood and Fatherhood should be a normal practice.

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