Ethanol vs Isopropyl vs wood alcohol vs rubbing alcohol

Which is the Best to use?

Let me start with a big virtual hug from Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing because I know so many of you are in need of it right now!

This global pandemic has just become very real to the whole world and now South Africa as well. And a lot of folks are understandably afraid, confused, overwhelmed and uncertain.

We are here to help and even though we are not doctors or virus researchers, we do have contact with very reliable resources world wide on the TRUTH about the pandemic currently in play right now. SO wherever you are in the world right now. We hope you, your family and loved ones are safe. For those that are already ill, please know you are not alone. We see you, we are here for you and we love you.


As most of you will know, being Dr Hulda Clark followers and trusting Dr Hulda Clark’s modality and after using it for years, we have always had a hygiene protocol in place that we have been driven to implement even in calmer times.

To assist all those that have become so confused by the recommendation to use toxic alcohols, let us clear up a few issues and assure you that the only alcohol to use in all cases is Ethanol. Here is our supporting information in a concise as possible way…. For those that are still not sure or unfamiliar with DR Hulda Clark Protocols, please read up Dr Hulda Clark’s 80 odd years of research in her books which are available on our website.

In Dr Hulda Clark books she has written extensively about Isopropyl alcohol , rubbing alcohol and wood grain alcohol and has through her many findings from years of research formed the base of an extensive therapeutic concept that numerous therapists, natural health professionals and physicians all over the world apply most successfully today. This approach involves the cleansing of the most important detoxification organs (kidneys, liver, bowels) through targeted cleansing protocols, the elimination of parasites, frequency applications and avoiding exposure to environmental toxins. This includes the use of other alcohol bases that are highly toxic like Isopropyl , rubbing alcohol and wood grain alcohol.


Dr. Clark discovered that two things are responsible for cancer: isopropyl alcohol and the human intestinal fluke parasite.

According to Dr. Clark, ALL cancer patients (100%) have both isopropyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in their livers!  The solvent, isopropyl alcohol is responsible for letting the fluke establish itself in the liver.  In order to get cancer, you must have both the parasite and isopropyl alcohol in your body.  When it goes to other organs it can cause a whole host of other problems…In the uterus it can cause endometriosis, in the thymus it can cause AIDS, and in the Kidneys it can cause Hodgkin’s disease.

Solvent Pollutants
Foods and products polluted with isopropyl alcohol include shampoo, hair spray and mousse, cold cereals, cosmetics, mouthwash, decaffeinated coffee, vitamins, minerals and supplements, bottled water (polluted with antiseptics from the bottling procedure), rubbing alcohol, white sugar, shaving supplies, carbonated beverages and store-bought fruit juice. Dr Clark recommends home-made products, unprocessed foods and a limited number of tested supplements. Once you stop using isopropyl alcohol it disappears from your body within three days. If the immune system is un-compromised the body will detoxify this; but when the body is overloaded, illness sets in.
When isopropyl alcohol is present, the intestinal fluke uses another organ as a secondary host and that organ becomes cancerous. Other solvents in the body produce other diseases. For example, benzene causes the intestinal fluke to use the thymus for its secondary host, ruins the immune system and AIDS develops. Wood alcohol invites pancreatic flukes to use the pancreas as a secondary host and diabetes develops. Dr Clark states that cancer could be completely eliminated if laws required testing for solvents in animal feeds and human foods. A significant reason for isopropyl alcohol pollution is the chemicals used by manufacturers to sterilize food-handling equipment.





Testimonial from Client using Zapper and Dr Hulda Clark Herbal Parasite cleanse


Dear Desiree

Herewith my testimonial

My symptoms started on Friday afternoon. I could feel something was wrong, since I was very sleepy and had heart palpitations. I realised my body was struggling, but I was not sure why.

My symptoms worsened to shortness of breath, sore throat, fever and tiredness.
It was only Sunday morning when I could find time to test myself on my derma screening device. I managed to isolate the Coronavirus frequency, at a strength of 110. I self-quarantined immediately.

I also started with treatment, which consisted of half a strength Parasite Program (one teaspoon Green Black Walnut Hull, 3 Cloves capsules and 3 Wormwood capsules), together with a 90 minute resonance treatment (similar to the Zapper). This was on top of my usual vitamins and olive leaf treatment. I also made myself some homeopathic drops with the COVID19 frequency and also took a bit of Colloidal Silver. However, it was after the combined parasite and resonance treatment that my symptoms started to clear up.

The next morning the virus frequency strength was down to 28. I took another half strength Parasite dosage, this time with 4 caps Cloves and 4 caps Wormwood, with another 2 resonance treatments. I continued with the homeopathic drops as well.

The next morning I felt much better and could not find the COVID 19 virus frequency.
This morning was the second day of being clear of any COVID 19 virus frequency and almost all symptoms have cleared up. My husband had a similar journey and experience over the past few days, with the only difference being the dosage of the Parasite herbs: he took the full strength program once-off (2 teaspoons black walnut, 7 Cloves capsules and 7 Wormwood capsules).

I believe the parasite herbs and resonance played a major role in our quick recovery, (even though we also took some vitamins and other herbs) due to the direct improvement in symptoms after the treatment.

Thank you Desiree for the many years of faithfully supplying us with these wonderful products, which once again have been instrumental in creating wellness just when we needed it most.
To God be the glory!

Warm regards


Products are available online right here!


What can you do to be prepared?
What precautionary measures can you take to keep safe?

  • Up your hygiene levels as per prescribed by coughing or sneezing into your clothing, not in your hands
  • Social Distancing is a good practice to follow
  • Be gentle with all around you we are all afraid and sacred
  • Use Dr Hulda Clark Zapper combined with Herbal Parasite Cleanse to clear bacteria – See Testimonial from one of our clients.
  • Use EMF Protection to the best of your ability- Pendants, bracelets and Shungite
  • Use The Dr Hulda Clark Zapper as a electrical current to boost immunity and fight the virus. Electrical current kills Corona
  • Use Immune Boosting Application to boost your immune system- See our previous article on the website
  • Strengthen your lungs with our tinctures Echinacea,Immune Booster etc- See above link
  • Feed your white blood cells that protect your immunity with LG/LA Capsules- See above link to article
  • Use MSM to make your cells more permeable and help detox any bacteria/virus from your system
  • DO Asbestos Detox as part of the immunity regime. See previous article on website
  • Take Vit C to act as a anti oxidant and boost immunity. The smallest doses can protect you against Corona
  • Use Face Masks when you go out in public- See website for products
  • Use the right Hand Sanitizer when out and about- See website for products
  • Clean all veggies and fruit as well as containers coming into your home with HCL Solution

Practice Face Steaming with four thieves oil blend. This warms the nasal passages where the virus can breed in the cold. Do once everyday.




Four Thieves Oil Blend Recipe
This has been used as far back as the 15th century to fight viruses, plague and bacteria.

Caution: DO not use:
If pregnant or breast feeding
Children under 18 years of age
On pets
Use sparingly
ONLY use diluted

Master Recipe

40 Drops
Clove Bud
35 Drops Lemon
20 Drops Cinnamon Bark
15 Drops Eucalyptus
10 drops Rosemary

2-3 DROPS in Steam Bath. Cover basin and head with towel and breathe in hot air for 5 min
2-3 DROPS in sanitizer to freshen your air at home or office
4 DROPS in 1 Litre Sanitizer to clean surfaces



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Remember you are not alone in these trying time… We are here to support and let you know you are loved and valuable…..

Email us if you have any questions

Please spread the word to all you know so we can all be informed truthfully and protect each other

We can do this together. Be Safe