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Depression- A Real Pandemic!

It Is Real!
It can be eradicated!
You can have well-being again!
You can find Happiness and Peace again!
All it takes is dedication and the will power to overcome!

For those that have been following the Vibrant Health Series we would like to bring to your attention that, although each article is a stand alone piece, to be able to implement total healing and full understanding it is very important to read the previous articles.
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Read through these articles in sequence to get a full understanding of how dis-ease develops in the body when we neglect it. We direct you on a journey of pin pointing primary root causes:  that is what is the condition of your Gut and Colon….If your gut and colon are not operating at the most effective level you can be assured the body is ailing in some very prominent way.

This is the Last in our series of Gut And Colon Health for 2018 we sincerely hope you have enjoyed them!

Join us on this most fascinating journey of self discovery….
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It is shocking to note that every single person has experiences some form of depression in their life, whether they are aware of it or not.  To categorize depression is extremely difficult but we will attempt to give some idea for your better understanding.

– General description of depression can be described as a person who is continually in a low mood and experience dysfunctionality in all tasks of daily life. Difficulty in maintaining normal task from as simple as getting up in the morning to getting to work or holding down their job.

-Slight to Mild depression could be no goals in life. Struggling to just get out of bed with no purpose in life, almost on auto pilot.

-Mild depression could be unable to cope with life in general, finding difficulty in coping with life in general. Surviving each moment, each day and almost wishing away the time. Having no goals or ambition in life but to hide from all the chaos. Using distraction in excess like watch hours and hours of TV, playing games for hours, using alcohol or drugs to numb all feelings,  excessive exercise, or any compulsive action that will distract the mind. Struggling to be alone with oneself.

-Sever Depression is in most cases the absolute inability to cope with the smallest of tasks. Having no will to be interested in anything including your own health and well being. Detached from life and easily thrown overboard by the slightest changes in circumstances. Sever loss of appetite and no energy to complete simple tasks like making a cup of tea.



As you can imagine the causes of depression are extremely vast and wide spread, as unique as each of us are as individuals. But we can give you some ideas of the main causes to assist you to form a better picture of depression. Here are the main causes we will deal with in this article:

-Food Allergens
-Inflammatory Conditions
-Chemical ,Hormonal  and thyroid imbalances
-Parasites and lack of nutrition
-Sleeping Disorders

Depression is ultimately a stress disorder. Signals in the brain are misfiring causing undue stress, fright and flight syndrome and adrenal fatigue. Stress can be triggered by a myriad of conditions- Here are a few:
-By unresolved emotional pattern or believe structures
_Unresolved anger and/or pain
-Hormonal Imbalances
-Chemical Imbalances
-People Pleasing
-Perfectionism to a fault
-Financial Difficulties
Dealing with stress is the beginning point to avoid becoming overwhelmed with negative issues that will eventually climax into deeper issues like depression.


Stress Inventory

This is a list of everything that stresses you out on one side of a page , then on the other side of the page everything that helps you feel better or calmer. This may seem a archaic method but it does work when your brain is overloaded and misfiring and not able to “see” and “think” clearly. Simple but effective!
-Next you sit with your negative list and with brutal self-honesty look at why your are doing these things or allowing this to be done to you.
-Look at where the anger and pain is originating from and from whom.
-Look at where you have given away your power and now feel powerless.
-Look at why you are allowing abuse or are abusing others
-Look at why you feel so worthless or unwanted
-Look at where you are expecting others to fix your life instead of you doing the work
-Look for a creative method to cross as may off the list as possible.
-Look at where you are expecting too much from yourself or where too much is being expected from you.
-Look at your belief patterns either taught to you or that you have adopted that no longer serve you.

This exercise is for you to do and complete for yourself. By stopping for a moment and looking at yourself you will have instructed the brain to have a goal. A goal will enable you to be less distracted. You are your own best friend,confidant, advisory and healer, use it to empower yourself.


Food Allergens
We all know the saying “You are what you eat” Right! Research shows beyond a shadow of doubt that certain foods can be implicated in mood disturbance and other psychiatric diagnosis. By illuminating these culprits you are lovingly allowing your body to return to its natural balance and rhythm and thus reduce the symptoms of depression.

“Food is the best medicine”
Everything in your body is built from what you eat- so it is common sense that the best and highest quality of nutrients rich foods should be your choice.
Foods to avoid
-Gluten is the main cause of disturbances in the body and drives inflammatory conditions by irritating the gut and gut microbes leading to intestinal issues. Gluten is linked to depression, seizures, anxiety, nerve damage, ADHD and more than a further 200 conditions!

-Dairy. Studies have proven that the casein protein in dairy products drives inflammatory conditions within the body. Casein has also been linked to severe psychiatric conditions. Switch to raw milk or grass feed no hormone additive milk.

-GMO. We have all heard about GMO and understand it stands for modified and treated heavily with pesticides and herbicides and that our bodies treat it as foreign matter. Avoid these modified products at all cost. They drive inflammation and toxicity in the body and do not FEED us. Switch to organic or grow your own as far as you can.

-Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners. Our bodies are not designed to handle sugar. Besides the obvious conditions it causes like diabetes it also drives inflammatory conditions in the body and is one one the highest risk factors for depression. Balancing blood sugar is probably one of the most important and effective actions to begin curing depression and anxiety. DO NOT swap out sugar for artificial sweeteners as they are dangerous and have no nutritional value to the body. They absorb and confuse the hormonal system and change your microbes. Choose natural Honey or Stevia as good alternatives.

-Vegetable Oil like safflower,corn,sunflower,soybean and canola are all processed by high heat and high pressure with chemical solvents and mainly produced from GMO modified crops.They are carcinogenic and cause inflammation besides many other ailments. Use Coconut Oil to cook with as it can take high temperatures without changing its structure. Olive Oil, Avocado Oil etc use as cold oils for salad dressing.
Inflammatory Conditions

As seen above foods can trigger inflammation in the body including in the brain. The usual suspects are sugar,gluten,dairy,caffeine and alcohol. Depressed people show higher levels of inflammation markers called pro-inflammatory cytokines in their blood and some research indicates it slows down the growth of new brain cells. We also observe that depressed people show signs of extreme oxidative stress and lower antioxidants levels. When you have less antioxidant activity you will show more oxidative stress and your brain is especially vulnerable leading to chronic and severe inflammation if unattended too.
Chemical and hormonal imbalances
If you have read Dr Hulda Clark Books you will note that from her research she has proven both these conditions to be derivatives of high toxic level and thus high levels of parasites. To bring both back into balance follow a regime of Full Body Detox twice a year, clean up your lifestyle, check hygiene levels and eat healthy organic products.
Thyroid Issues

In our Vibrant Health Series articles we have shown that 99.9% of the population is iodine deficient. This is due to our products being mass produced and irradiated to last longer. We can no longer rely on the supplementation from food alone. Add Lugol’s Iodine to your supplement regime as per our article. It is a known fact that thyroid issues can be extensively debilitating and in many cases balancing thyroid with supplementation and Full Body Detoxing twice per year has proven to be effective in reducing adverse conditions.
Toxins/Parasites/Nutrient Deficiencies

In Our Vibrant Health Series we have discussed in depth about toxins and how they lead to population explosions of parasites. We have also explained that your GUT is the way to true health and in the case of depression nothing rings more true.

High Levels of toxins(food for parasites) will lead to high levels of a parasites. Acidity levels increases and then hormones are thrown out of balance. The health of the gut will determine the state and level of your overall health. If your Gut is impacted with material it is unable to absorb nutrients and supplements. Full Body Detoxes twice a year will ensure that your gut is squeaky clean and by changing your Lifestyle and diet you are then able to absorb all the nutrients you require. Cleaning up your health regime also means cleaning up your household and beauty products. Switch to organic and natural.

All sufferers of depression will report some form of sleeping disorder. One of the most important factors for healing and recharging the brain is your sleep. Use natural Sleeping aids like our Sleep Deep Capsules which are non addictive and have no side effects at all.



We have offered many solutions under each topic but would like to add a few more to assit you on your journey of recovery.
-Eat a healthy balanced diet devoid of Gluten, dairy, sugar and junk food.
-Drink min 2 litres good quality water per day to keep your body hydrated
-Get min 8 hrs sleep each night
-Full Body Detox twice a year
-Exercise at least 15 min to 30 min per day
-Get Direct Sunlight min 15 min at peak hours
-Heal your gut to be able to absorb nutrients
-Supplement where you have too
-Go Green on your beauty and household products
-Deal with your emotional issues and DO NOT suppress them.
-Omega 3-Your Brain requires this oil to be able to function properly. It prevents and treats mood disorders assisting the brain by promoting better communication and reduced inflammation.

-Probiotics- Kombucha, kefir, live culture yogurt are all wonderful probiotics that can assist in increasing your energy levels and support cognitive functions. Drinking any of these just prior to meals will also assist proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

-Vit D3 acts like a hormone in the body and effects the brains functioning ability, which is why any deficiencies will increase the list of mood disorders, including depression. Vit D has been found to react similarly to the way anti-depressants work in the system, so a far better choose. Beside the above supplementation will improve bone density, improve heart function and will enhance the Immune system

-Vit B and folate are actively used in the neurotransmitter functions, so lacking this vitamin has been linked to depression symptoms,  and nervous disorders. Vit B and B12 are linked to energy and the ability to absorb nutrients, with B -Complex assisting in the production of serotonin naturally alleviating depression symptoms without the need for chronic medication.
-Ashwagandha  has shown effective in reducing stress hormones, promoting intellect and memory, Protecting against neuronal injury in Parkinson’s, reversing cortisol levels and stabilizing moods.

-Maca helps by boosting moods with its L-Dopa content. Known as the Happy Powder thus reducing depression and anxiety symptoms. Maca is used for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases with great success as well as reducing post menopausal symptoms.

-Passion Flower alleviates anxiety, promotes a calming effect, soothes stomach and nerves and is a powerful anti-oxidant that can also be used to lower blood pressure. This is one the most powerful herbs to use for any anxiety and depression conditions. Add to the the use of Rescue Drops and you have a potent mix.

-Sleep Deep Capsules have been specially formulated to induce sound deep sleep by calming and relaxing the brain, body and nervous system without any side effects or drowsiness.

-Ginseng is widely used to improve mental clarity and energy and has a remarkable ability to reduce stress.

-Skullcap calms and strengthens the nervous system assisting in alleviating symptoms like poor sleep, poor concentration and headaches.

-Alfalfa is a nutritional powerhouse of chlorophyll and is naturally high in A, B6, D, E and K Vitamins with the ability to nourish the nervous system

-Astragalus being an adaptogen assists the body in adapting and regulating stress. It boosts the Immune system, reduces stress, breaks down plaque and normalizes the blood sugars.

-Licorice has 8 different anti-depressant compounds know as MOA inhibitors that help significantly to improve all types of depression, burn out of adrenals, chronic fatigue and tiredness.

-Echinacea is a immune booster, anxiety assistant and huge anti-inflammatory properties

-Milk Thistle is a anti-aging supplement which boosts the immune system and has huge anti-inflammatory actions. As an antioxidant it reduces anxiety and depression.

Article on Dr Hulda Clark’s Depression in a Nutshell

Depression does not have to control you. By implementing these suggested remedies you will receive  huge benefits in improved health and well-being. Full Body  Detox at least twice per year to ensure you are powerful and strong physically,mentally and emotionally.


Dare to Try… Join us in the New Health Revolution!

Become the whole being you where meant to always be…

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