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Oct 12, 2020 | Dr Hulda Clark Remedies

We are so excited to share with you the shifting of focus in our business to bring you more value in accessing the knowledge we have grown over the last 20 odd years, of Dr Hulda Clark Protocols, health in general, herbal remedies and how to make them, in the form of our new E-Learning Platform.

Why? Because in everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently! The way we challenge the status quo is by manufacturing pure, real natural products that are simple and effective to use. We just happen to make really effective herbal remedies produced via Dr Hulda Clark Protocols of purity and high standards ,empowering you in the knowledge to use them, and then support you all the way through.

As a result only two newsletters will be shared each month. One in the first week and one in the third week of very month. This is to ensure you still have access to all our updates, special offers and any further development we are planning for Herba Farmacy.

Our business will continue to operate as normal allowing you full access 24/7 to our online platform to purchase any of our products, whilst we develop our E-Learning platform.

Due to time constraints all consultation, Q & A’s or queries will be dealt through our email service. We will as always deal with each and every one as expeditiously as possible ensuring you have all the information you require to continue purchasing your products online.

Many of you have taken up the challenge of our FREE E-Learning course currently available online, but for those that have missed the mailer or have not had the time to access it , please do so. This will not be available online for free much longer.

The aim of E-Learning Platform is to make available to you the knowledge we have gleaned over the years to empower you and to ensure you have all the knowledge to apply Dr Hulda Clark protocols for yourself and your family,  But it does not end there! We have a passion to be part of the solution in assisting you financially to create a earning base in the form of either Practitioner ship, Affiliate or entrepreneurship. All these systems require little to no capital for you to empower yourself financially.

We all know we are in changing times, we are given the opportunity to improve our health through many different modalities, one of which is Herbal Remedies. Whilst we still have the privileged of being able to access these wonderful remedies, we are reluctant to admit the time is coming when we will not be so lucky! We need to be prepared to gather this knowledge ourselves to make our own remedies if we wish to continue using herbal remedies.

Nothing is certain at this stage, so in preparation we would like to arm you with as much knowledge as we can to ensure you may continue having the choice of natural products available to you and your family.

To assist us in being successful with our new platform we would appreciate you sharing this information with family, friends and colleges though as many social and other forms possible. As a Herbal Community our collective success in sharing knowledge and effective products has become paramount to survival.

Our aim is to morph all our courses into the E-Learning Platform. This will make accessing them easier and much more affordable to you, with the added bonus that you can complete them in the comfort of your own home as time permits.

Included in the E-Learning packages we will be offering discounts on products and hard copies of Dr Hulda Clark books if you so wish to still purchase them. As you may know we do have some of the books available through our website platform via PDF downloads.

Each E-Learning course will be loaded with video materials, extracts from Dr Clark’s books, written material and interactive projects to get you creative juices flowing. We aim to make these E-Learning modules enjoyable, easy to complete but yet still ensuring you glean the information required to become accustom to the protocols. All our E-Learning Modules will be different and contain different interactive properties as well as assignments to complete adding value to your knowledge.

Once we have a successful launch, a further bonus to you will be a free monthly webinar or Zoom  specifically design for Q &A’s on the the E-Learning modules. But also so you can link with like minded individuals and form synchronicity within a community.

The next E-Learning Module we will be launching is:

The Introduction to Dr Hulda Clark Protocols.

The objective is to familiarise you with this health revolution, providing a grounding in the basics of Dr Clark’s Cleanses, to enable you to start working as a practitioner, if you so wish to, or enable you to access information for yourself and your family. To become more empowered to take greater responsibility for you health and be able to access herbal remedies no matter what the future holds.


This E-Learning Module will contain:
Basic information on Dr Hulda Clark
Parasites and Toxins- A Model of Healing
The Zapper
Dr Clark Cleanses
5 Immune Destroyers
4 Clean ups

As soon as we have completed our E-Learning Platform and are ready to launch the New Introduction to Dr Hulda Clark Protocols we will notify you of the opening date via our newsletter.

As an added surprise we will shortly open up our Early Bird Registrations for this E-Learning Course . In this Early Bird bundle we will be announcing huge discounts on the module price and products for registration prior to the module going live. Once the module is live the discount will be closed.


So please watch this space for the announcement on launching

Early Bird Registration to
The Introduction to Dr Hulda Clark Protocols

To assist you in making good use of the right herbs for your condition or just wanting guidance on your health; we are giving a 10 % Discount on all assessments, Q&A or short consults.

Please contact the Office to make your appointment.