Amazing Launch
Fully Comprehensive Kits  

2019 is the turning point in how we approach the Natural Health of our Nation and our clients. We are launching our Full Comprehensive Kits in support of you, our valued clients.

What this all means is that, for the last 20 years we have made available to you all Dr Hulda Clark Products and kits in a singular or small kit form. We have come to realize that you need to be able to have all the information at your finger tips to be able to apply the protocols for yourself. The kit comprises everything you will require in the full DR Hulda Clark Protocols for Cancer.

The kit is made up of over 15 smaller kits each with their full instructions and applications. We have also laid out the correct order each kit is to be taken in to make it that much easier for you.

This will mean that you no longer have to be unsure of how to apply Dr Hulda Clark Protocols and in what order to take them to achieve the best results. You can purchase your Full Comprehensive Kit and start immediately applying the Protocols in the comfort of your own home. Each kit details the products, applications and additional information you may require to understand why you doing applying the products.

To ensure that you get the best value for your hard earned money we are making the kit available at a 15% Discount to you.
You save R 2033.22 . Total RSP is R 12 045.14

As easy as that! All in support of you.


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Empower yourself …

Empower your Family and loved ones


Happy to be in service to you.

We aim to assist you in making your money work harder for you !
Instead of the high cost of travelling, consultations and your precious time, we have brought the Products to you…
In a Fully Comprehensive Self- Application Dr Hulda Clark Cancer Kit.

But there is much , much more we will be formulating more Fully Comprehensive DR Hulda Clark Kits..
The next to be made available will be:
Comprehensive HIV/AIDS
Additional PCB Detox Kit- HIV/AIDS
Additional Benzene Detox Kit- HIV/AIDS
Additional Heavy Metals Detox Kit- HIV/AIDS
Additional AZO dyes Detox Kit
Additional Immune Support -HIV/AIDS and Cancer