(Especially of Ascaris/Tapeworm stages)

  • Peel all fruit and vegetables as far as possible; Soak all unpeeled vegetables e.g. lettuce in Lugol’s iodine for a minute during preparation to kill Ascaris eggs (put 1 drop in a liter of cold water). NOT if you are allergic to Iodine!
  • Sterilise all upholstery and carpets with the carpet-cleaning recipe in your books. For best results, add about 20 drops of Lugol’s per 2 liters of water to target Ascaris larvae. Test the recipe first on an unobtrusive area to avoid the possibility of staining carpets and furniture. Increase the Iodine dose if the color of the material allows it. Get rid of carpets if possible. Clean frequently i.e. at least once a month if reinfection levels are high.
  • Avoid kissing on the mouth.
  • Observe strict hand hygiene.
  • Change dust bag in Vacuum and wear a mask while vacuuming if possible or get out of the house whilst the vacuuming is being done.
  • Do not eat undercooked meat and chicken or unsterilised dairy products.
  • Treat animals with the Pet Parasite Program and keep them out of the house, especially the bedrooms and carpeted areas. Pour Iodine on animal’s mess (even outside) and allow to stand for a few minutes before cleaning. Never allow children to clean up an animal’s mess.
  • Ideally the whole family should do both the Program H followed by the mop-up especially if Ascaris is suspected as a culprit. If this is not feasible, a weekly dose of 2 tsp of walnut and zapping along with a once off dose of Albendazole or similar deworming agent would help. (Ask you doctor for a prescription)If you are severely ill, preferably also:
  • Send animals to board with friends until you are well.
  • Treat all relatives and visitors with 2 tsp of Walnut once every 2 weeks along with zapping if possible.



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