“Homeography is a new science. It uses electronically prepared drops of water taken by mouth. It rests on the ability of the water to incorporate a frequency pattern of some object or chemical or living thing and to hold it in a stable way for a very long time (years) More than one frequency pattern can be stored together…….This is not the same as homeopathy. “ Page 85 and 87 from The Cure for HIV and AIDS by Dr Hulda Regehr Clark.

Dr Clark introduces in her later books this technology and says more research is required to more fully understand the mechanisms of how they work but that the applications are simple and effective. She explains that they can be used for:

  • Adding missing frequencies to sick organs by using so called organ drops
  • Take toxins out of specific organs which she calls “take out drops”
  • They can be used to create masters for syncrometer testing and plate zapping.

Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing has this technology locally available and not only teaches you how to make and use them but also supplies some ready made sets. The most widely used ones are the so called organ drops eg the kidney and lymph set or the liver organ set. Take out drops are also used to help to clean an organ and in this case both the organ frequency and the targeted toxins are copied into the same bottle. One of the most widely used sets is the so called full set which targets years of accumulated debris in the kidneys and lymph, thereby effectively opening up the exit pathways. They are used usually at the start of a detox regime to “unblock the drains” as it were. Take out drops can however be used for any toxin or group of toxins coupled with any organ provided one has the masters and the “composite metal set” is a very popular one.

They are sensitive to direct sunlight and to magnets so have to be used and stored carefully. They are taken directly in the mouth one minute apart and usually 6 times a day for 2 days and 3 times a day on the third day. This means that a set can be shared between 2 or 3 people as each bottle is stable for about 2 weeks once opened.

Some available sets:

  •  Full set: Kidney and Lymph (5 bottles); dyes out of kidneys and Lymph (5); wheelbearing grease out of kidneys and lymph (5); Metals out of kidneys and Lymph (5) Total 20 bottles
  • Composite metal set (7) metals out of kidneys, lymph, bone marrow, thymus, brain, liver, adrenals
  • Organ sets: eg: Liver set (2) Liver and liver/white blood cell.
  • Aluminium set (6) Aluminium out of kidney, lymph, bone marrow, thymus, brain and adrenals.
  • T-set (3) add to full set. Methyl Glyoxal, RRRase Inhibitor, Right and Left Hypothalamus