The Immune System

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Vibrant Health Series March 2019- We will be dealing with the important topic of Immunity and how we can re-calibrate it.

“Furthermore, every act of interference with the course of nature changes it in unpredictable ways. A human organism which has absorbed antibiotics is not quite the same kind of organism that it was before, because the behavior of its micro-organisms has been significantly altered. The more one interferes, the more one must analyze an ever growing volume of detailed information about the results of interference on a world whose infinite details are inextricably interwoven. Already this information, even in the most highly specializes sciences, is so vast that no individual has the time to read it- let alone absorb it.”  Allan Watts

What this means in a nutshell is that our brains neurons have now been wired to only accept chemicals , to change this we have to re-wire the brains neurons to accepting natural remedies if this is the route we chose to follow. It will take time to do so as just one application will not re-wire the brain. Hence, the old adage that herbal works but does take much longer to see the results.
So how are we able to define and collocate wellness with Immunity? For most of us strong Immunity and Wellness means the general health of all our bodies systems combined.

Over all Health = Overall Wellness
But when taking care of overall health finding a single way to boost the overall wellness can be rather tricky to achieve. Mainstream methods of strengthening basic overall health are surprisingly lacking, beyond the popular adages of eating well, staying active and managing stress of personal, business and financial life. The normal approach would be to bolster all the different systems of the body in various and separate ways: eg: digestive system, heart, liver and Kidneys.

So what unified target can we employ to boost wellness in the most effective and expeditious way? More accurately what life changes can we pursue to effectively improve our health with the healthiest, most natural methods available to us like herbal remedies?

The most important gateway to Whole Health and Wellness is the using nature’s abundant supply of powerful natural herbs and remedies!

The Immune System Defined – The immunity is the protector of the body. It includes all defense mechanisms that shield against foreign invasion: including bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, carcinogens, antibodies, white blood cells and T-Cells.

Immunity is present throughout the whole body- protecting all of the bodies systems- and this should be regarded as the First Gateway when approaching a topic like Health and Wellness. What is absolutely amazing is that when the Immune System is strengthened the entire body responds- and the reverse is also true- weakened Immunity produces a compromised system. So it becomes very evident that Immunity should be our first step into Health and Wellness.

The Traditional system are correct that Lifestyle changes have to be implemented if we are to receive any results in improvement of our overall Health. Eating a living fresh diet that is devoid of toxins and preservative which include; Gluten, dairy, processed foods and artificial cold drinks to name but a few. The rule of thumb should be how alive is the food I am about to eat? The second important change to apply is remove all toxins from the environment, this included household products that are made up of chemicals and harmful ingredients, body products that are unhealthy and harmful. Dr Hulda Clark saying goes: “If you can not eat it do not use it on your body or in your immediate environment” Thirdly get a good nights sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the highest keys to an unhealthy stressed body. If you need assistance in getting to sleep or staying asleep use natural remedies to assist you. They need only be used for a short time to retrain your brain to a healthy sleeping pattern. Lastly, manage stress by whatever method works for you whether it is walking, Yoga, Tai Chi or just sitting in nature. Each of us are unique and have different triggers that will release stress. Find your trigger!

So where do we begin?  Follow  the above Eat well, Rest Well, Reduce Stress, Detoxify your products household and personal. As we are dealing with the Whole Body at once. Simply begin by following a Full Body Detox to ensure your colon and all your filtration system are clear of blockages and built up material. We do this to obtain maximize use of any product and health living food we consume.

The next step is to chose from the myriad of products available to boost your system. The use of Herbs can be a amazing kick-start for your Immune System.


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Our next Article will be dedicated to “Getting Back your Immune Power” for HIV/ Aids clients and practitioners.


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