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Strengthen Your Liver

We devote plenty of time and energy into cleaning our homes, cars and even services equipment, but what about our bodies?  We all so often forget that our bodies need attention too. It seems only when we have issues we start to pat attention.  Is it not time that we become proactive?

Every day we encounter high levels of toxins from the food we eat to the personal care products we use each day. Our bodies are built to remove some of the toxins though our natural waste centres, but because we live in such a toxin-laden world, this system can get overloaded and become sluggish.

Your liver is arguably one of the most important organs in your body’s natural detoxification system. To prevent our fat tissues and cells from absorbing them, the liver turns fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins, from which point our bodies can easily flush them. This is just one small role that liver plays in our body, however; the liver has more than 500 functions, from metabolizing fat to regulating hormones, and if it spends too much time working to remove toxins, your health can falter.

To support your liver and aid your body’s natural detoxification process, follow these tips:

Don’t overburden your liver. Your liver works hard enough without having to process things like alcohol and over-the-counter painkillers, which are unnecessarily hard on this vital organ. In fact, taking regular, small doses of painkillers is the leading cause of drug-induced liver disease and failure.

Drink plenty of lemon water. Water is important to the natural detox system; it’s one of the methods by which our bodies remove toxins. The citric acid in lemon juice encourages the liver to produce bile, which is another vehicle that our bodies use to excrete toxins.

By completing a Liver and Gallbladder detox every 6 months or so we assist the Liver and Gall Bladder to remain strong and viral to be able to cope with it’s normally functions

Dietary changes are also necessary in providing our organs with foods that feed them like cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli, cabbage, kale, greens and other cruciferous vegetables are recommended foods when doing a liver detox. Be sure to eat at least one serving a day.

Get enough minerals. Minerals are essential to the liver detoxification process, so make sure you’re eating plenty of mineral-rich foods or taking a good mineral supplement s. 99% of the population do not supplement with trace elements at all, yet these are crucial to healthy liver function Important minerals for liver detoxification include calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron, selenium, zinc, manganese to name the most important.

The Liver and GallBladderZap Capsules have a four way action that will not only cleanse the liver, but assist in illuminating waste and parasite, as well as feed and soothe the organs whilst detoxing.


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