Hints to assist in avoiding reinfection
September 23, 2016
September 23, 2016

(Extract from “The Cure for all Diseases” Pg 397)

Hands do everything. They pick up things from the floor. They handle money. They touch other peoples’ hands. They clean up bottoms. They touch all kinds of door knobs. And then they pick up food to eat. Some people even lick their fingers when they’re sticky or just to turn a page!

What is on the hands that you don’t want to eat but can’t see? Bacteria and Viruses from coughing and sneezing into your hands! And Cysts! Cysts are the eggs made by parasites. Cysts are so tough not even bleach kills them. They hide under our fingernails when we wash our hands. Then we eat them along with our food. This is called oral-fecal route. They hatch in the stomach and go to the intestines to live.

To stop re-infecting yourself the little cysts under the nails need to be killed. Food-grade alcohol solution kills them, a 5% solution . Keep it in a small pump bottle at the sink. After using the bathroom and washing your hands, treat your fingernails with alcohol. Pump alcohol into one palm. Put the fingernails of the other hand into it. Scratch a bit. Pour it into the other palm and do the remaining fingernails. Rinse.

  • Don’t eat with your hands! Use a fork.
  •  Never eat food off the floor
  •  Always wash hands after petting an animal!
  •  Never touch the bottom of shoes! Keep shoes  off couch or bed or chair.
  • Always cough or sneeze into your clothing or a tissue, not your hands
  • Keep your fingers out of your mouth. Don’t lick your fingers to turn pages or open plastic bags.

Sick persons need a 50% alcohol solution.  Be careful that nobody tries drinking it. If there are teenagers in the house add a hefty dose of Cayenne to it

Lugol’s iodine will also sterilise your hands. However most commercial Lugol’s are polluted with isopropyl alcohol.  Then make a solution to wash in (1 tsp. to a quart of water). This can stain some things. Do not use “tincture of iodine”