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June 7, 2019




Discounts Structure that are available 

We all know that in the current times we have to make our Rands stretch much further.
Herba Farmacy has many discount structures in place to assist everyone save more!
But it seems not everyone knows about them or how they work!
So we have taken it upon ourselves to list the discounts available and how to use them smartly.
Clients, practitioners, Health Shops and Wholesalers can make use of these discounts to save huge amounts !
So let begin!

Free Shipping

For this option all you need do is purchase over R 999 and your savings will be the full shipping costs- applies to local delivery within South Africa. If you are Registered as an Affiliate your shipping costs will be deferred to be deducted off your commission at the end of each month. We unfortunately can not afford to give Free Shipping and 20 % Discount.

Affiliate Program- Save 20 %

  • With the Affiliate program all that is required is for you to sign up for free on the online store.
  • Once you have signed up you will be supplied with a two affiliate codes
  • One is a code that you can use in any email or marketing tools
  • The second is a link you can send to clients, family and friends. This link will allow anyone you send it to , to be able to log into the website on this link and purchase products under your code.
  • At the end of each month you will receive a 20 % Commission on products purchased through your affiliate code.
  • No Min or Max purchase required
  • But if you would like to be remain in charge, you can purchase on your affiliate log in details on the website, all the products on behalf of clients and family.
  • Again the 20 % Commission will be paid out every month end to you.
  • Or maybe you are not a practitioner and would just like to make use of the discount for yourself…
  • A Huge 20 % Discount on every purchase.
  • If you are looking to create a small business for yourself you can also make use of our offer through our IT Specialist to have a one page website set up for you to market Herba Farmacy Products.

Use these links below to read up further on the FREE Affiliate Program…
Giving you more for your money:



Wholesale Discounts- Up to 35% Discount plus Free Shipping

For those that would like to take the next step or who already have a running Health Practice,we have the Wholesale Discounts available. You may if you wish use the Affiliate program, but remember it will only give you a maximum of 20% Discount.

With the Wholesaler Discount the more you purchase the better the discount, so in essence this is for those that would like to buy bulk to get the maximum benefit of  discounts

  • Health Shops that wish to get maximum return
  • Practitioners who wish to extend their passive income base and distribute Herba Farmacy Products
  • Begin a small Home Based Business distributing products
  • Clients may want to take advantage of the Wholesale Discounts by lumping family and friends purchases together.
  • Wholesalers may wish to purchase products and receive maximum discount without any additional financial outlay
  • Free Shipping on the purchase category 25 % and 35% Discount Category
  • As you can see in the table below: The price per item is indicated in each category. SO to qualify for the full 35% you must purchase products to the value of R 10 000 or over at the price category to qualify
  • Or Purchase between R 5000-R 9999 to qualify for 25 % Discount

Please note all Comprehensive kits will be at RSP Price and then discounted. The website 15% discount will fall away so you will qualify for 25% or 35% dependent on your bulk purchase amount



Comprehensive Kits: Less 15% Discount plus Saving R 648 on Consultation  Fee

We have just introduced Comprehensive Kits that provide the Full Protocol for each Dis-ease. The main aim was to enable clients to purchase a Full Take Home Kit to administer themselves in the comfort of their homes. The Kits are set out in order of use and thus make it easy to know which kit comes first and which kit follows. By offering these kits the clients are also saving R 648.00 on Consultation fees and Action Plans.

  • If the Clients wish to save a Full 35% on their kits they will easily be able to make up the the full value of R 10.000 on price structure for that category.
  • Save on Consult fee
  • Save on Shipping

Comprehensive Kit Wholesaler Price Structure

Wholesalers can take advantage of the 35 % discount which is the highest price discount on all these above schemes by purchasing Full Comprehensive Kits. How will you benefit?

  • No Consultation fee charged- A Saving of  R 648.00
  • Free Shipping -a maximum saving of R 199.00 per delivery
  • Maximum Discount at 35%
  • Easy to apply
  • Do not require any training
  • You may wish to sign clients up for their Full Comprehensive Kits (Agreement) and sell it to them on a program by program basis for their affordability
  • Or you may wish to sell the product Full Kit to them

Licensed Distributorship

We launched the Licensed Distributorship a little while ago, which enables all those who wish to be in services and own a full comprehensive distribution Business to get in on the action. The package is humongous and covers every aspect of the business you can imagine. Everything you can think of is covered in this package. A true start up business just waiting for you. Please inquire at the office for further details. Huge savings of 45%.

SO there you have it many ways to make your Rands stretch that much further. If you are uncertain about any of the above packages pop us an en email and we will answer as speedily as possible.