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Most business will take a lot of time and money to convince you they are the best, offer the best products, offer the best services. I would like to rather tell the story of our business and our services from an honest and open perspective that most, if not all our clients, are unaware of. Our Process of manufacturing and handling our products are extremely unique and very few will go to the lengths that we do to ensure that your products are the most potent, effective and carry not only all the properties of the herbs but also the energy that enhances the process of healing on a quantum level. This may all sound very impressive but it is all about ethics, honouring the power of the herbs in its raw state and processing it through a system that produces the most powerful healing tools we know how to create.

What sets us apart from other suppliers and manufacturers?

What sets us apart from other suppliers and manufacturers is a fundamental respect we hold for the power of healing naturally through herbs. Our manufacturing process is personal, handmade with lots of love and care. Herbs are living vibrations that must be handled with respect not only for their innate healing properties but for the life force they embody-called bio-photons.

Bio-photons within each living cell have a vibration that can be adversely affected in many ways if not processes correctly. The most powerful tool we all possess when dealing with any raw material is respect. By handling the raw material, from time of receipt through to end result with respect- we ensure the living vibration remains at its peak- ready to deliver the highest healing capacity it is capable of. In my business no staff member, including myself, will handle any products if they are under the weather, having a bad day or feeling imbalanced. WHY? Because we are dealing with a living vibration that can pick up on any negative vibration whilst being handled. We honour and respect each any very herb whilst in our care. Why is this important for you to know? Simply this- You are paying with hard earned energy- your money for a product that must deliver the highest and best results possible. You want effective, powerful solutions from a product you can trust and believe in, made with care and respect- That is exactly what we deliver!


Knowing how we handle our raw material and end products, would you as a paying customer prefer a product made with love and care, knowing that the product has the highest ability to heal- OR- would you prefer any old product processed through mechanical systems with little to no regard for the living vibration it holds and how impotent it may be? I think you would want the best products money can buy!

We have all heard the story of the experiments on water and how vibrations can change the structure of the water. Good vibes! Good Water! and vice versa- This is the same when working with herbs or any living vibration… we can affect it!


But that is not all, we research and source our herbs from reputable suppliers for the highest quality, grown sustainably herbs. Each herb has a certificate that provides us with its quality, where it came from and how it is made up…plus much more techno that is not necessary to mention here. We search for good foundations in our herbs, as we all know the stronger the foundation the more longevity and balance we have. Without good herb foundations the remedies would be rendered weak and, in most cases, inert. Lastly, we work with what call “Gods Pharmacy”. Every single herb is created comprising many different compounds and combinations within them naturally. The compounds work synergistically within each herb and are necessary to create the “WHOLE HERB”. Herbs are created whole and must be taken whole, otherwise we lose the innate power of healing we are seeking. These combinations within each herb ensure that the potent contents are correctly absorbed, enabling proper healing. We never separate compounds or components of our herbs!


The power of our herbal remedies not only comes from the respectful handling, processing, and correct sourcing… but also from how we manufacture each product… The process is most impressive and demonstrates the lengths we go to, to ensure the highest quality available. Let’s give you a quick tour without too much techno jargon.

We use high quality whole herbs We handle every herb with the utmost respect it deserves We process our remedies through traditional methods- handmade- up close and personal, always overseen. We research and formulate our remedies for the highest efficacy and power of healing. But, the most impressive is our actual process. We wanted you to know want you are purchasing from us and why it is in your best interests to continue doing this. We know of no other business that goes to these lengths of care, dedication to ensure you get the highest and best products. But it is important to note we do not over charge for this complex manufacturing process we implement to produce the highest quality possible.



All our herbs once received in a raw state goes through a zappification process to ensure all, if any present, critters, mould and any unwanted substances are destroyed even before opening the package. Once we are satisfied that all unwanted visitors are gone, we store in cool, dark storeroom. When we are ready to use the herb in a remedy, we once again take the herbs through a further zappification process before we start manufacturing.

All our capsules are handmade through a semi-automated system because we care about each component and choose to have full personal control of each process. Once we have prepared our powders we will manufacture our capsules, bottle them, and zap them once again in the container before they leave the lab.

We use no chemicals for hygiene, only our own handmade olive oil soap, Anolyte and Catholyte. Only HDPE plastic containers are used in all our processes.

Our Herbal Tinctures production is a lot more complex. We pride ourselves in producing high quality powerful tinctures that are not watered down. Most manufacturers brew their tinctures for 1 week or even a few days, simply because of high demand and turnover. We brew for 3 weeks in a very special technique that we will not discuss here but using age old methods that work and deliver potent tinctures. Some may call these Mother Tinctures as they are pure and powerful. Manufacturers normally take these Mother Tinctures and either water down by 20% or dilute the tincture with other methods. Our tinctures are Mother Tincture, pure and potent and sold as the original tincture base undiluted.

So it follows naturally that you will see most tinctures are labelled 20-30 drops, which is a standard doses and required by the Health Department. Our Tinctures are so potent that we suggest a 10-15 drops doses- half of what is being offered by other manufacturers. This equates to two powerful points of deduction. You get the powerful herbs, well priced as a Mother Tincture not diluted at all, and your dosage is reduced. Your Product lasts longer and delivers the best results. Add to this magical formula that we are natural and do not use synthetics- You must then agree our products stand out and are very unique in their delivery of healing and quality and production

Our ethos is to heal naturally and to do a proper job at that!


Hi there! I’m Desiree Campher, owner of Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing

My vision is to assist as many as possible in reaching ultimate health naturally and to educate and share the wonderful world of herbs and their healing abilities with you . Join us on our website filled with tons of information, blogs and products. Or visit us on YouTube with videos, Or our Social Media platforms to share and partake in all our information. Share with you friends, family and colleagues… You will be appreciate for it!

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