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Most of you would have read about the massive changes on the cards for the Natural Health Industry that were announced in 2019. But for those who did not get a chance to truly absorb what has happened,  here is a quick synopsis to catch up with the latest developments afoot.

The organization SAHPRA (South Africa Health Products Regulatory Authority)  announced that from March 2020, giving only 6 months, all natural products are to be produced from  Pharmaceutical Registered Facilities. So what does this means to those in the Herbal Industry who manufacture health products, sell health products (Health Shops and Online Stores) , Practitioners who use health products in their own modalities and what will the effects be on the general public?

This means for companies like Herba Farmacy who manufacture products:
1. An amount of between 2- 5 million Rands will have to found in 6 months to register. Very few companies have this type of capital available.
2. The products would be dumbed down. This means that no information on the product can be used or would be allowed to be advertised, only the name of the herbs would be legally allowed to be displayed on containers.
3. Dosage would be dumbed down as well. This means the dosage would be stipulated by the pharmaceutical industry making the dosage so small it will have little or no health benefits. You would be wasting your money on products that have very little value.
4. Normally registration of pharmaceutical facilities takes up to 7 years to complete. The new law has provided ONLY 6 Months to do so. To add insult to injury the systems that would allow registration on SAHPRA website only became available 3 months after the announcement leaving only 3 months for companies to register.
5. After March 2020 all products that are not produced from  pharmaceutical facilities will be deem illegal products and cannot be sold online, through Health Shops or other Companies like Clicks etc.
6. ONLY products manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility will be allowed to be sold online, through Health Shops and other companies.
7. Many health companies will shut their doors due to the financial burden not being able to be met.

How will this affect you the general public:
1. This equates to a huge amount of products disappearing off all Health Shop , Online Stores and other Companies shelves overnight.
2. Your choice of using Health Products will be severely diminished with very little variety left to choose from.
3. Your legal right of choose health products has and will be violated and you will have no say in what you, the consumer would like to have available on shelves for purchase.
4. The price of the products left on the shelves that are  produced from  pharmaceutical facilities will probably double if not triple in price due to the financial burden being placed on the manufacturing facilities.
5.This is a breach of your constitutional right to have a choice in your Health

How will this affect Practitioners:
1. The products normally available to be used in combination with modalities will be severely reduced if not disappear completely.
2. Practitioners will be severely hampered in being able to assist the public in choices of health modalities.
3. The actual tools of trade will be removed and products, instruments and machines are being targeted as well as health products.
4. Many organisations, businesses and health orientated institutions will disappear from the market place.

From October 2019 we joined forces with TNHA (Traditional & Natural Health Alliance) in an attempt to inform  Organisations, Health Shops, Practitioners and public of the underhanded way the New Law was being implemented, many thought this was not factual and seemed to even think it was a practical joke. Please believe me this is a real and live threat to the whole Natural Health Industry that we have to take seriously. We need to get behind organizations like TNHA to be able to fight the institutions that are robbing us of our rights.

There is so much more that is happening behind closed doors that is slowly eroding our right to choose natural products and remedies. We need to all get together and assist not only morally but financially to keep the current court case running and fighting. This is for all our rights public, business and health in general that we need to put our money were our mouths are. It is not a time to sit on the fence and wait to see what may happen. This is happening now and we are so passionate about it that we are assisting TNHA wherever we can to continue to fight for the survival of Natural Health and Natural Health Products.

Remember TNHA can only continue this legal battle if we support them financially to protect our rights. If we sit on the side and hope they will fight and win the battle on their own we are sadly mistaken. They need funds to continue fighting this unlawful and unconstitutional law on our behalf. If you are a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, Health Shop, Practitioner, importer and exporter or anyone in the field of Natural Health….. Please connect with TNHA and either donate or join as a member to be under their protection when the new law comes into effect.




We at Herba Farmacy are passionate about every single organisation, institution , Health Shop, Practitioners and any one in Health Industry staying open for business and fighting the good fight. So we have taken on the pioneering spirit of excitement in these changes ahead of us and will morph our business , find loop holes and ways to continue to operate. This has presented a rather challenging conundrum for us but we have managed to resolve most if not all the issue that have come up so far.


1. We have found many loop holes in the New Law and will continue to operate as usual even after March 2020.
2. We will have to morph our business into DIY. This is actually not a bad event as this will empower each and every person, organisation etc to take back the power of choice and stand up for their rights.
3. We will educate all who wish to be a part of  the Health Revolution by making YouTubes, Videos, E- Learning Courses and DIY Kits available to the public.
4. All our Products will still be available for purchase but just in a slightly different format
5. We will provide, at no extra cost to you, the Individual Service Rendering of encapsulation and making tincture out of your kits purchased. In this way you will still be able to purchase all our products as they are now at no extra charge.
6. Our website is undergoing a massive revitalization and will be easier, friendlier, simpler and loaded with educational material
7.Products will be in categories that are much simpler like,  all Turmeric products will be listed under one heading and you will then be able to choose what format you wish to purchase it in. Capsules, tincture, herbal form etc.
8. We will be doing away with our containers for two reasons. The first is we are environmentally adding to the plastic overload and thus will no longer use them. The second is the products will be far cheaper but still be presented in a very acceptable way. You pay for products now not packaging.
9. The Affiliate program will be frozen for those that still wish to use it but no new members will be accepted after the website is launched.
10. In Affiliate Memberships place we are introducing Memberships in a three tier format. So depending on the choice of tier, you will receive certain benefits . Like free access to YouTube Training, E-Learning, recipes and everything DIY. The discount structures will also vary depending on the tier you choose to belong to.
11. Membership fees are nominal and affordable and will assist us in being able to continue along the journey of morphication with your support.
12. Every month Members will have access to new training, information, YouTube’s and Blogs as well as recipes and DIY techniques.
13. We will still provide wholesale discounts but in the new format of DIY listed products with Individual Service Rendered to encapsulate or make tinctures on your behalf.
13 Information and training on Dr Hulda Clark protocols will still continue in earnest in 2020. Making E-Learning courses available in a easier format and simple to use. We will be telling the Story of Dr Hulda Clark.


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