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It would surprise you to know that our Pets react very similar to us when it comes to Natural Remedies. Just like humans our Pets are falling prey to diseases and illnesses as well, despite all our best intentions. Remember our Pets age much quicker than us- 7 of human years to 1 of our Pets years. The choices we make on their behalf reveal themselves much quicker than they do in humans. Luckily the reversal of conditions also applies and they bounce back just as quickly.
Our Pets are totally dependent on us for ALL their needs in health, nutrition, exercise and emotional support. We have absolute control so we must make sound choices in all areas as responsible Pet Parents.


Please take the time to read up on our Vibrant Health Series Article No 10 on:
Pet Health and Hygiene-Pet Parents

So when it comes to health and detoxing our Pets we should take the same care and choose quality products and healthy Protocols. Detoxing your Pets every 6 months is a very important practice to ensure not only their health but yours and your families as well.

Our Pets have many of the same parasites as we do including Ascaris (Common roundworm), Trichinella and Heart Worm plus a huge variety of Tapeworms as well. Every Pet living in your home should be de-parasitized and maintained on the parasite cleanse. Your Pet is part of your family and should receive the same attention to health as you would for the rest of your family.

We have a variety of products that can assist you in maintaining your Pets Health and Wellbeing:
The Fist is our Famous Pet Parasite Program that will assist you in ensuring your Pets are properly de-parasitized and healthy. A Full Program is supplied with the kit that will guide you on how, why and when to apply this kit.
Additional to the Pet Parasite Program add the practice of using Our Zapper to ensure your Pet receives the full benefit of the program and you are able to maintain a clean and healthy gut for your Pet.

We also have MSM Capsules that can be used to manage pain levels in your Pet. MSM also ensures a shiny coats, healthy skin and joint health. For small Pets 1 capsule daily and larger Pets 1 capsules twice per day.

Turmeric Capsules and Powder are also available from us for its anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It acts as a natural pain relief with no adverse side effects.
Colloidal Silver Tonic with trace minerals assists the immunity and can be used in wound care with its anti-bacterial properties. Excellent to boost your Pets Health regime
Colloidal Silver Gel has amazing ability for wound care, spasms, joint and muscle pain, allergies, eyes and ears.

Our Shampoo is made from all natural ingredients and can be used on your pet to achieve that wonderful shiny coat. It can be combined with Citric Acid as a conditioner for your Pets coats. For flea control add 2 drops lavender and 2 drops Rosemary oil to the 250 ml Shampoo and you have a all in one specially for your Pet.

Our pets deserve the best we can offer them in return we receive unconditional love and protection.