Product Preview of Hydrochloric Acid

A potent digestive aid/Promotes optimal stomach acidity/Support better nutrient absorption
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hydrochloric acid

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(What is this product and what is it used for?)

Stomach or Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) is a very powerful product. A healthy stomach contains the right concentration to maintain a ph level between 1 and 2. If levels are low it can lead to poor digestion of food fragments than can cause imbalances in the growth of bacteria in the intestine. With age the stomach acid secretion tens to decrease resulting in low stomach acidity, poor digestion, and nutrient deficiency and finally dis-ease.
Why is HCL so important? The first is that it helps assist the absorption of minerals and nutrients. Secondly, the stomach produces Hydrochloric Acid to break down food in the stomach. Occasionally the food is not digested properly because the volume of food in the stomach is too large in comparison to HCL. Adding HCL provides increased digestive ability by supplementing the existing HCL.
As we age the stomach acid secretion tends to decrease as well, sometimes resulting in low stomach acid, poor digestion and deficiencies in nutrients and minerals. By using HCL you assist the body in absorbing all the nutrients and minerals from your food that has been digested and thus increase your overall health and digestion process.
If your gastric juices are low, then there is a likelihood that bacteria and parasites are infecting your gut and bowel increase and your normal balance of flora will be thrown out.
The HCL is also recommended for use as a good food sanitizer. Adding two or three drops to food not only sanitizes it but can make it last longer. Clean Veggies and egg before they are stored into your fridge will reduce the salmonella present in your fridge. Clean out your fridge with a mixture of HCL and clean water will also help keep your fridge free from bacteria and virus.
HCL converts pepsinogen to pepsin which breaks down proteins into peptides. HCL maintains a pH in the stomach of approximately 2.0. It also dissolves food and kills microorganisms.*
Dr. Clark recommends that people are better off taking HCL instead of acidophilus, because if the “acid barrier” (the stomach) is in proper order it stops inhospitable microorganisms from entering the colon, this results in growth of good flora in the colon without the constant assistance of acidophilus supplements.*
In a nutshell HCL is a wonderful addition to not only your gut, but your kitchen and to maintaining high levels of hygiene necessary.