Anolyte -Non Alcohol Safe Sanitizer 1 Litre


Non Alcohol based hand sanitizer

Eco-friendly-fast acting-non toxic

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Non Alcohol based hand sanitizer

pH neutral and non-corrosive, is biodegradable even in concentrated form. Safe on surfaces including glass, stainless steel, plastic and wood. Not classed as a hazardous or dangerous good means no special handling, transportation, storage or disposal is required.

Neutral Anolyte powerfully disinfects, sanitizes, kills bacteria, prevents mold and controls odours within all food safety and hygiene risk areas. Great for kitchen bench tops, chopping boards, sink areas, washing trays, utensils, bins, drains, tables, chairs, bathrooms and toilets.

Anolyte now provides businesses and public with a powerful (and much sought after) environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing offering.

ANK Neutral Anolyte has no perfume agents, no colorings, no artificial scents, no added preservatives, no toxic chemicals and leaves no residual which makes it not only natural and safe, but also very cost effective.

Please Note: Anolyte in its concentrated form will react on fabrics causing a discolouration or removal of dyes

Safer Sanitation, Better Solutions.


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