Catholyte 1 Litre-de-greaser multi-purpose cleaner


Catholyte – Eco Friendly Environment friendly multi purpose cleaner



What is Catholyte

It is a non-foaming detergent effective solution for all purpose cleaning, non-toxic, Eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals and abrasive compounds.

Alkaline Catholyte has a pH between 11 and 13  and acts as a powerful de-greasing agent. Effective de-greasing and detergent for all purpose cold cleaning ,removing of biofilm, proteins and fats. Its ideal for use on surfaces, walls,tiles appliances and equipment in households, but also holds a primary position in commercial industries to replace harmful abrasive agents. Added surfactant enhances the grease- cutting power for vehicles, tools and equipment.

Furthermore , this solution can be used as a residue free cleaner and surface reduction  C.I.P, surface hygiene, laundry and wherever there is a need to increase pH levels of water to be treated. The dexterity of this products speaks volumes to adding value not only in your pocket but through its ability to be utilized as an non- toxic Eco-friendly tool. The applications is actually endless. Some being mould in showers and tiles, clean first with catholyte( 1/4 cup in a bucket of water or neat) and then spray down with anolyte, spores and mould will not return. Disinfection of floor tiles and its added action of removing stubborn strains is rather remarkable. Used very successfully in the application of cleaning stubborn oven and stove stains(used Neat or diluted). Used as a non foaming dishing washing detergent adds volumes to its efficacy and non toxic application and removing stains without pre-soaking.. It is used extensively in the dairy and farm industries.

Used as an initial veggie and fruit and nuts wash (one cap in basin of water), then misted down with anolyte you have long lasting fruit, veggies and no toxic residue left from pesticides or other toxic treatments.  As an alternative to the highly toxic laundry powders (1/2 cup of catholyte to each load) and liquids the combination of anolyte and catholyte can not be beaten in efficacy and multi purposed uses. The down scaling of all the individual cleaning agents which cost a bundle never mind the toxicity they carry can not be compared to the cost effective combination of these two products as stand alone for all household purposes and commercial uses..

Literally making the use of these two produces dirt cheap.


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