Respiratory health amidst COVID 19

Mar 7, 2021 | Lung Health

Boost Immunity and Respiratory Health

How can we learn to gather and fortify our strength so we can endure the marathon of challenges we are facing?

As we continue to face these traumatic times of not only our health but wealth as well, we are encouraged to observe our absolute resilience in resolving challenges with creative and empowering solutions….

The sudden changes we have all been exposed to has catapulted us into maturity of a different kind. No longer do we sit on the fence and await a solutions for our current health and wealth crises, no longer do we look to outside influences to fix our broken systems. Instead we see massive shifts in humanities thinking, passionately evolving into acquiring the knowledge necessary to enable each to become their own health and wealth managers.

The thirst for knowledge and information is very evident to us as we interact with you, our clients. And it for this very reason we have launched our new format of Newsletters to you.

We are honoured to be in a position to provide sound and accurate information to enable our clients to make informative choices in these confusing times of information overload.


Lung Health is in the Limelight at the moment….

Breathing is a mechanism often taken for granted as the action is so automated we hardly notice our breathe. Lung Health, as we all can imagine, is vital in our lives for without it we would not survive. Not only the function but the mechanism of breathing is primary; to oxygenate the system and protect the body from harmful bacteria and substances.

The Lungs, are systemically connected with the circulatory system, hence its vital role not only in breathing but the quality of breath taken.


How does this work?

The circulatory system actually combines three very important independent systems that have to work in unison to produce vital health. The Heart (Cardiovascular ), lungs (Pulmonary ) and Arteries, veins, capillaries and coronary vessels ( Systemic ). Together they have the never ending task of ensuring adequate blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other gases are shuttled between cells. The cells require energy to complete their functions by combining sugars and other food material with oxygen; giving us our life given force of a living breathing being. Whilst energy production for all functions is essential during this process carbon dioxide is created, and needs to be removed from the blood otherwise we would experience cell poisoning. The Blood transports oxygen derived from the lungs to the bodies cells and in so doing detoxes the blood of carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen through the tiny alveoli in the lungs. These tiny cells are only 1 cell thick and are surrounded by 1 cell thickness capillaries. Blood pumped from the heart travels through these tiny alveoli, simultaneously removing the carbon dioxide to be breathed out through the nostrils. The oxygen enriched blood then returns to the heart and is transported to the different areas of the body.

Free Cider Recipe



1 Onion

3-6 cloves garlic

1 cup chopped herbs, rosemary,sage,oregano,thyme. Can add a slice of lemon, some dried elderberries

1/2 cup ginger finely chopped 1/4 cup horseradish finely chopped

1/2 cup honey

3 cups apple cider vinegar OPTIONAL EXTRAS Elderberries,cayenne pepper and turmeric

Place herbs in mason jar Heat apple cider vinegar till warm not boiling

Pour over herbs until fully covered

Use cling wrap to seal and then place lid on

Leave in dark room for 2 weeks, Shake every day.

Strain and store in fridge for up to 1 year


The intake of a breath is normally practiced so automatically that many of us are actually unaware of the actual action. However, to ensure good oxygen intake we should practice breathing in deeply through the nose, hold for a few seconds and then force the breathe out though the mouth gently. Once or twice during the day is sufficient. This clearing ensures the removal of stale air in the lungs; alveolar and capillaries ensures better oxygen intake. Breathing through the mouth is not recommended. Tiny hairs in the nostrils protects the lungs and purifies the air being inhaled, but it is not infallible. Breathing through the mouth does not capture chemicals and bacteria that might be in the air when breathed in.

Nasal breathing has many mechanisms to prevent bacteria and unwanted organisms from entering the system. Each 12 breaths taken in brings about 500ml of air into the lungs, equaling 6 litres of air per minute. Even breathing through the nostrils can allow contaminants to enter the system as demonstrated by a controversial study where participants inhaled nano particles of gold. These particles where found present in the bloodstream, urine and lungs 3 months later. The study proved air pollution is a major area of contention.

With Covid we are even more compromised with having to wear masks for long periods of time. The breathe is no longer clean and pure resulting in us breathing in stale contaminated air with each breathe. For this very reason we need to practice extra care in maintaining our lung health and strength.

Many products used within the home, office and outdoors can also contribute to damaging the delicate lungs by way of chemicals, colognes, air fresheners, dust and irritants. With the high use of toxic sanitisers we breathe in these toxins and absorb them through the second biggest organ of our bodies— our skin and lungs.

To ensure we clear our air flow in your surroundings always open windows to flushing the old stale air particulars. If you wish use an ozonator to clean the air and remove contaminants, but be especially careful of overuse.

Herbs can help us by strengthening the air passages and lungs increasing the supply of oxygen to the system. They can be consumed as raw herbs in salads, cooking or in drinks like smoothies, teas, tinctures and capsules.


There is so much information available about what, how and when, that at times it becomes so confusing and daunting to make an informed decision.We would like to unpack it for you, simplification is key. So here is our take on how and when to take what!

We have found that tinctures are the most cost effective and simple products to take. They are easy to assimilate into the system and can be used in four different ways to bring almost immediate relief. Sufficient information in South Africa is not readily available on the usage and applications of tinctures so many of us are only aware of one delivery system…. orally.

Here are the four delivery systems: Orally…Topically…Tea infusions and steaming

Throughout 2020 when the pandemonium began we had many report back on how effectively our Wormwood and Clove tinctures were used in steaming . Relief was almost instant and laboured breathing alleviated. Alongside this our Herbal Parasite Cleanse Kit which includes our famous Dr Hulda Clark Green Black Walnut Hull tincture performed well in clearing symptoms within 4 days. Most of these clients also made use of the Zapper to obtain these amazing results.

Tincture teas performed just as well in that they were easy to apply whilst clients where dealing with chronic symptoms. The tincture teas not only provided the healing ability of the herbs but warmth and soothing effects on dry and painful throats. The need for sound deep sleep was often interrupted by cough bouts, clients reported back that using the soothing and calm tinctures like passion flower and our sleep deep capsules gave them better peaceful sleep.

The use of tinctures topically is not a known practice in South Africa, yet this method often produces such dramatic,effective and fast results. Take Peppermint for example. It can be taken orally and used to sooth fever and headaches topically on the wrists and chest, or on the temples ensuring your avoid close application to the eye area.

Dosages of tinctures can also be modified to achieve maximum results. For acute conditions take smaller doses more regularly…. For chronic conditions that have lasted for longer

than 1 week take larger doses less frequently. Add the topical use and you have a delivery system that can be dramatic,fast and effective.

Teas for Lung and Immune Health

Immunitea Tincture Tea 20 Drops Astragalus 20 Drops Cinnamon 10 drops Liqourice

10 drops Ginger

5 drops Anise Seed

Lung Restore Tincture Tea 20 Drops Mullein

20 drops Marshmallow

10 drops Liqourice

10 drops Ginger

2 drops Peppermint

Add to a cup boiling water, sip to enjoy up to 3 cups per day


Here is a list of Herbs that can be used for Immunity and Respiratory health.



Mullein is a incredibly effective herb in clearing lungs of mucus, phlegm and inflammation. It is an expectorant, meaning it helps remove and loosen excess mucus trapped within the lungs and soothes the inflamed mucus membranes. The anti-bacterial compounds found in mullein assist in killing off any unwanted passengers in the airways, whilst the anti-viral properties ease viral infections.


Used cautiously, Comfrey is considered to have high expectorant, demulcent and mucilage properties. It supports cell proliferation and assist the pancreas in regulating blood sugar levels.

Caution: Use with caution and do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.


The compound menthol is found in peppermint and acts as an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory component that clears the respiratory tract when taken. Peppermint is considered useful for asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, breaking up phlegm, and many other health issues. Peppermint’s soothing and relaxing qualities have placed it at the forefront of herbs found to be especially beneficial when used to support respiratory disorders such as cold, cough, throat irritation and sinus infections.


Liqourice contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that enables it to loosen and release mucus, clearing the air passages to allow better absorption of oxygen. Its antibiotic properties kill viruses and bacteria in your lungs and prevents any respiratory infection. If you have asthma or bronchitis, this herb may work as a bronchodilator to make breathing easier.


Marshmallow is soothing, reduces inflammation and irritations through its anti-tussive and mucilage abilities. It reduces swelling in the lymph nodes and speeds up healing.


Geranium is one of those herbs that has been used for centuries for a variety of conditions. Little information has been shared on its ability to work as a mouthwash against thrush, inflammation of the mouth,throat and tonsils. Many experienced herbalists use geranium to lessen inflammation of mucus membranes and reinstate the health of the veins. In addition it has been found that geranium is very active against bacteria that causes TB. Only use in 3 week courses to prevent contra-indications. Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.