September 23, 2016
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September 24, 2016

(based on the writings of Dr Clark)

Many of us are aware of the role that heavy metal toxicity plays in promoting disease. Few understand fully the complexity of the issue however and how to rid the body of these poisons effectively so we will 1) List some of the most prevalent metals, where you may find them and what they do in the body. 2) How Dr Clark recommends you clear them from your system. Also Dr Clark identifies a specific relationship between metals and parasites especially fungi. In fact she believes that 3) metals feed fungal infections and that 4) bacteria use metals in the body as part of their enzymatic process and in fact also deposit metals when these enzymes are used up. All in all, the problem is a little more complex than may of us realise. Clearing metals and parasites in fact also go hand in hand.

1)Metals; where they come from and what they do in the body.

  • Mercury: metal fillings, sanitised goods like sanitary towels, tampons, toothpicks, cotton buds. Implicated in Alzheimers,ALS and MS.Disables white blood cells especially cd4’s
  • Aluminium: cans, foil, pots, salt with free flowing agents, baking powder, ant-acids, deodorants, lotions.Associated with Alzheimer’s, Memory disturbances and often accumulates in the adrenals. Associated with Hodgkin’s and abdominal tumours
  • Copper: Water pipes and bracelets. Accumulates in tumours and encourages angiogenesis. Causes anaemia and brown spots on skin.
  • Cadmium: Corroded galvanised water pipes: Accumulates in the kidneys and implicated in high blood pressure. Also associated with smoker’s leg.
  • Thallium: Contaminant of mercury, often found in toothpicks. Severe toxin to nervous system and associated with MS and ALS
  • Lead: Most commonly found in vitamin supplements. Associated with fatigue, lowered wbcounts, suppressed immunity and elevated liver enzymes
  • Nickel: Found in dental ware, cutlery, pots, glasses, jewellery: Accumulates in Prostrate and is associated with baldness, greying, allergies and prostrate cancer. Allows bacteria to produce urease which breaks down urea into ammonia
  • Gold: from jewellery and dental ware: Accumulates in Pancreas and is associated with weight gain and sugar disturbances. Associated with Ovarian cysts.
  • Chromium: dental ware, jewellery and pots: Accumulates in intestinal walls to feed yeasts. Associated with weight loss, sugar disturbances and Candida.
  • Cobalt: Found in blue colourings and washing powders. Inhibits metabolism, lowers LDH and AlkPhos. Prevents red blood cells from adequate oxygenation. Associated with heart disease
  • Vanadium: found in candles and fossil fuels including kitchen gas. Encourages P53 gene mutations. Disturbs albumin/globulin regulation. Raises red blood counts, cd8’s and b cell counts.
  • Germanium: The presence of inorganic germanium removes the block on mutations that the organic form provides

Generally: Heavy metals chelate to the cells and preoccupy the white blood cells. They often accumulate in brain tissue, tumours and the kidneys. They often account for tremors, memory disturbances as well as numbness in the hands and feet. They are attracted to the bone marrow because of the high fat content and thereby lower white blood counts and reduce immunity.

2) How to rid the body of metals

  • Most importantly, remove the sources of metal from food, dental ware, water, body products and jewellery
  • Use Homeographic drops especially to clear the lymph and kidneys where they tend to accumulate and block elimination
  • Use L-Glutathione
  • Use LG/LA
  • Use L-Cysteine
  • Iv Chelation (with LG/LA to increase effectiveness for mercury)
  • Some evidence exists that fresh coriander leaves assist heavy metal elimination
  • Clear parasitical infections
  • Use a combination of the above

3) Metals feed Fungus

Dr Clark believes that unless one clears the metals it becomes virtually impossible to permanently resolve chronic fungal overgrowth. She documents for example that chromium feeds Candida, cobalt feeds aspergillums and copper feeds penicilliun. When you want to make blue cheese you add copper wires to the cheese because it feeds the fungus that makes the cheese blue!!!

4) Metals and bacteria.

Some metals belong to the enzymes of other life forms including yeasts and bacteria. These toxic forms of metal are dumped into the body when these enzymes are depleted. If present in the body these metals in turn also supply bacteria with the necessary ingredients for their enzymatic processes.

 These metals are associated with these organisms:-

  • Vanadium:E-coli and flu viruses
  • Chromium:Streps, Staphs and yeasts
  • Aluminium:Epstein Barr Virus
  • Gold; Salmonella, Prions and HIV
  • Strontium:Strep Pneumonia, Cytomegalovirus, Mycobacterium
  • Ruthenium:Salmonella

Nickel is associated with the enzymes of many organisms. It is part of an enzyme called urease which unfortunately breaks our urea down into toxic ammonia in the body. (Our urea synthesis cycle breaks ammonia down into urea for excretion and urease reverses this process) This can therefore leave the body toxic with both ammonia and nickel. Toxic nickel (and other inappropriate metals) also changes the polarity of usable iron in the body into toxic unusable forms and this can eventually disturb the overall polarity of the organs and the body.

So whilst many talk about heavy metal toxicity, reading Dr Clark perspectives on the subject makes it clear that is generally a bigger problem than most of us really understand. One of the most significant things you can do to improve your health in our opinion is to avoid toxic metals and then work to clear them from the body. It may take some persistence but is worth every ounce of effort!!.For more information on Dr Clark’s perspective on heavy metal toxicity we suggest you read The Prevention of Cancer by Dr Hulda Clark. Copies are available from our offices.


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