March Recap The Immune System

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Vibrant Health Series March 2019-  Recapped- Immunity.

Immunity is present throughout the whole body- protecting all of the bodies systems- and this should be regarded as the First Gateway when approaching a topic like Health and Wellness. What is absolutely amazing is that when the Immune System is strengthened the entire body responds- and the reverse is also true- weakened Immunity produces a compromised system. So it becomes very evident that Immunity should be our first step into Health and Wellness.
So where do we begin?  Follow  the above Eat well, Rest Well, Reduce Stress, Detoxify your products household and personal. As we are dealing with the Whole Body at once. Simply begin by following a Full Body Detox to ensure your colon and all your filtration system are clear of blockages and built up material. We do this to obtain maximize use of any product and healthy living food we consume.

Our next Articles  “Getting Back your Immune Power” for HIV/ Aids No 1 and 2. We covered all 5 barriers that needed to be overcome to regain your health. Asbestos, PCB’S, Heavy Metals and Azo Dyes. We delved deeply into understanding the core issues at hand and how to manage them in a active positive way.


Vibrant Health Series April
Reset your Nervous System and Manage Stress
Article No 1

Stress is an epidemic, and even through it is the most widespread and debilitating condition, many people believe it to be completely normal or part of life and must be endured. All to common words used to descibe how we feel on a daily basis…

Life is stressful and difficult !!

To begin our journey of resetting the nervous system and managing daily stress we HAVE to look at FEAR.

I know a lot of people are saying oh no not that again, but believe me this is where is all starts. Give the idea a chance and read further….

Cutting out all the frills and layers of the masks we use daily to so called protect ourselves is where it begins, it is based on fear. Why is this so? If we are honest with ourselves and truly want to heal the physical and emotional bodies we will observe that all stress, all our nervousness is triggered by fear of something. Money or lack thereof, not being good enough, not being loved or have someone love us, not being accepted and by the way this means how we feel about ourselves too.

“Our bodies contain an innate intelligence and a natural recovery response that unwinds tension, restores balance and reboots our resilience”

So how come in today’s society do we still suffer so chronically from stress if our bodies contain this natural resilience to heal?

The key is to first recognize this in ourselves. Recognize the fear and that most of our choices are based or come from an innate fear. This constant fright and flight we keep our selves enslaved in eventually affects the nervous system if left unchecked.  We all know the constant incessant dialogue that plays out in our minds every moment of every day. We never stop playing these “records” over and over in our minds. It is like having a tape running over and over again through our whole system non-stop. Something eventually has to give.

And , YES, it is the nervous system that is in this constant fright and flight, adrenals pumping all the time that leads to the nervous system breakdown or becoming overloaded. We are meant to have fear in our emotions… but only for immediate danger. Like a charging lion or someone that wishes to harm us. The adrenals then kick in and we hear all sorts of stories about super strength and bravery. But the problem is we have not learnt to switch it off after the danger has passed, so the adrenals continue to pump Adrenalin into the system and eventually we feel exhausted, worn out and unable to cope.

This is where is gets a bit complex. Feelings of anxiety and nervousness originate from our believe structures and how we have been conditioned to think about the situation rather that the situation itself. The reactions are vastly different. We are programmed to believe anxiety/ nervousness-fear are bad. we must hide from it or avoid it or try and get rid of it in some way. This creates the cycle we currently find ourselves in. A repetitive pattern of fright and flight- fear-suppress- This drains our nervous system…..

Do not Switch off yet!….Here comes the good bits…

We need to re-program our belief structures of what society expects from us and how we MUST re-act. The only way to deal with anxiety, fear and nervous conditions is to face it all… FACE TO FACE…
We need to look at where the fear originates from, feel it ,acknowledge it, and be-friend it. Fear is not our enemy.. We are! Fear is meant to be present in a healthy balanced way to protect us and warn us if danger is at hand. But constant fright and flight drains our systems of nutrients, vitamins and healthy living.

The Hypothalamus causes adrenals to release stress hormones such as Adrenalin and cortisol. This can lead to common disorders like, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, depression, weight gain but if left unchecked and running rampart more serious conditions like kidney issues, inability to function at all, etc can be the result.

SO what are the Re-Set Buttons we can use to assist us?

  • Slow Down- Life will continue no matter what we accomplish in a day. Measure your day in bit size chunks to be able to cope by either listing them all or piling them in priority piles. Place priorities for each and then begin at the highest priority working your way down to the lessor tasks. Many of my clients laugh at this one but after trying it out find that they accomplish even more when working in a deliberate calm energy. We call this working smarter not harder. Pay attention to the task right at hand now… 100% until complete. Then move to the next. It is when we become scattered and pushed that we either never complete tasks or we are continually patting out fires and never achieve results.
  • Awareness- In slowing down you become one pointed in the task at hand only. Better results are delivered and as a by product you start to notice more in your surrounds the more aware you become. Rushing through life was not meant to be the goal. It was meant to be enjoyed and done in total awareness. When we slow down we start to quieten the mind and the over stimulus of doing everything and not accomplishing anything reduces dramatically.
  • Simplification and Sustainability- Simplifying our lives is the smarter route to take if we want sustainability. At the current pace we have a pandemic on our hands of 100 000’s of thousands of patients that just cannot cope any more. To simplify your live means to ride your life of all the practices that overwhelm you, like continually thinking about problems and issues, over stimulation like TV for hours on end., constant noise and stimuli to the brain. Research has shown that worldwide 60 % of our time is spent indoors in front of electronic equipment instead of communing with nature and getting out doors into fresh air and feeling life. Check your priority list to see how you are doing and make changes to balance your time with outdoor activities, creative projects and quite mind applications.
  • Changing our lifestyles will bring sustainable living that is healthy and balanced.
  1. Get regular 8 hours plus sleep per night no matter what. If you have sleeping issues use natural products like our Sleep Deep to regain your healthy sleeping patterns
  2. Eat Healthy nutritious foods that nourishes your body and builds strong immunity. Get rid of all the junk and process foods
  3. Get into the open fresh air with good circulation and sunlight. Communing with nature and becoming aware of the beauty around you is a huge healing in itself.
  4. Get in touch with your fear by making time to recall it and letting it run through your system. Weigh the pros and cons if it is life threatening or not. And in most cases it is not. Be-friend it so that when you really do require its help it is there for you.
  5. Detox your thinking, feelings and actions by becoming aware of your inner dialogue on a daily basis. Listen to how you speak to others, observe how you re-act to others.
  6. Detox your physical body to ensure your are feeding your entire body and nervous system with high quality nutrients. It needs feeding. SO you need a clean body and organs to be able to absorb all you need.
  7. Take time out to become STILL- we all busy ourselves with things so we do not have to deal with emotions and situations that plague us. Take time alone to calm your mind and body and reach a balanced energy state.
  8. Practice breathing techniques. Research shows that we only use the 10% top part of our lungs to breath. We need to learn to breath deeply and clear the stagnant air from our lungs. Oxygen heals and we need high levels of oxygen to remain healthy.
  9. Change your self-talk to listening. Listen to your body, slow down the inner dialogue that keeps your mind busy all the time. Check your self-talk that it is not negative toward yourself and others.
  10. Check your triggers that set you off into anxiety and nervousness. It may be an environment, a person, your own self-talk, control that comes from fear, being a perfectionist etc. All of us have triggers that set us off. Find Yours!

Teaching ourselves these above principles to slow down can only add to our life expectancy and health regime. On some levels, the brain is like software. Negative emotions, hostile feelings and recurring irrational thoughts corrupt our consciousness. After years of being stressed we program our bodies to be hardwired for tension- It has become “NORMAL”

Stress holds us back in all aspects of our lives and weakens the immune system, costs precious time that should be used to enjoy and celebrate life.

Supportive herbs to assist in calming anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness and stress


  1. Take Epsom Salts baths 2 per week to detox the body and relax as it contains high doses of magnesium.
  2. Maca Powder- super food to feed the body, mind and nervous system
  3. Mucunca pruriens feeds the brain and assists in healing
  4. Sleep Deep Caps to regain healthy sleeping patterns
  5. L-Ornithine to detox ammonia out of your system. Ammonia stops your from sleeping
  6. Feed your WBC’S with LG/LA Capsules. Boost immune system
  7. MSM to fight anxiety and inflammation
  8. Make support teas from Tinctures: Ginger plus hydrangea/green tea in Rooibos. Feed the immune system
  9. Use Pro-Biotics like Raffa and Pre-biotics like Kombuchu to assist digestion and a healthy colon
  10. Ashwagandha  to strength resilience against stress
  11. Ginseng to defend the body against stress and build stamina
  12. Skullcap Tincture is effective as a neuron-protector with cognitive enhancing benefits
  13. B-Complex feeds the nervous system
  14. Vit C acts as an antioxidant
  15. Vit D assist the body to absorb other vitamins
  16. Omega 3 acts as an antioxidant- reduces anxiety
  17. Magnesium is required by the body to fight stress
  18. Passion Flower tincture with Rescue drops breaks the cycle of anxiety and calms you
  19. Turmeric- massive anti inflammatory fighter
  20. Ginger Tincture natural anti- anxiety and assist with nausea.
  21. MSM- Builds back sulphur compounds needed in the body to fight depression
  22. Bicarbonate of Soda alkalizes the body
  23. Full Body Detox to flush all toxins from the system and organs
  24. Zapping build immunity and eradicate parasite, bacteria, virus. Boosts the WBC’S
  25. Green Tea Tincture reduces anxiety and anger
  26. Clean up your body products revert to natural

Clean your environmental products and switch to natural.


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