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Vibrant Health Series April No 2-  Stress

Immunity is present throughout the whole body- protecting all of the bodies systems- and this should be regarded as the First Gateway when approaching a topic like Health and Wellness. What is absolutely amazing is that when the Immune System is strengthened the entire body responds- and the reverse is also true- weakened Immunity produces a compromised system. So it becomes very evident that Immunity should be our first step into Health and Wellness.
So where do we begin?  Eat well, Rest Well, Reduce Stress, Detoxify your products household and personal. We are dealing with the Whole Body at once. Simply begin by following a Full Body Detox to ensure your colon and all your filtration system are clear of blockages and built up material. We do this to obtain maximize use of any product and healthy living food we consume.

Our next Article:  “How your nervous system can affect you.”


Vibrant Health Series April – Stress The Silent Killer

Article No 2

Stress is an epidemic, and even through it is the most widespread and debilitating condition, many people believe it to be completely normal or part of life and must be endured. All to common words used to describe how we feel on a daily basis…

Life is stressful and difficult !! (Excerpt from Article No 1 ) Please read the full article.

A stressful mind is a powerful mind, as anyone who has tried to release themselves out of this state can attest too. A stressed mind takes control in a protective manner and it is here we need to harness this same strength and use it to work for us instead of against us. Stress or anxiety is a normal spectrum and we all experience it at some time in our lives. It is normal to have the brain respond this way in times of danger or to assist us with the ability to protect ourselves.

Like any good thing too much can be harmful when the brain is oversensitive to threat, it puts us on high alert even when there is no need to be. This is where the gentle protector changes to a false alert-or that moves us to stressful, anxious emotions and makes it difficult for us to function coherently. Stress was never meant to get in our way of living life to the fullest. The brain believes it is protecting us and the more we try and control or release the  stress and anxiety the tighter the brains grip becomes.

So if battling stressed and anxious mind does not work what will?

We know how powerful this stressed mind can be and keep us locked into this destructive emotion! So why not use the same power to calm the mind? It takes mindfulness work to do this and we have to put in the work to be successful. With practice we can feel and see the anxiety and fear approaching, we can assess if the danger is real or not, we can then soothe the fears down so they do not control us. By gently repeating this pattern of constructiveness, each building upon the next, we can reach a state that convinces the brain/mind that danger is not always lurking around each corner.

Stress is a powerful emotion and we can use it to our advantage if we tame the beast… It can become our greatest gift!

Clear Space

Experiences of the past are just that the past, but they tend to get stuck in our brains neurons and recordings, and are triggered every time we experience anything similar. The response we had at the original experience seems to act as the overriding factor that all similar experiences will have the same results. If we were hurt in a past relationship, for example, we use the same filters in our next relationship expecting the pain and hurt to repeat itself. So we loose trust in our ability to chose well and use our discernment.We can only heal when we remove the filter of the past experience and open ourselves to new experiences without expecting the same result.. This is how we grow.

Release the need for a specific outcome

In removing the filters we can now open ourselves to believe and trust that the outcomes can be different to the past. But we also surrender to the fact that nothing is guaranteed in life. Not everything will turn out well and that is okay. We grow from this and if we release the filters of each experience, the new experience has a jolly good chance of bringing us joy, love and balance. This is a very new concept to the brains stagnant thinking of the past, so go slowly, it will take some time to retrain the brain’s neuron paths. It will take time for the brain to believe that you must always have a false guarantee for anything in life. Start by surrendering to the uncertainty, let go of the need to control the moment, the future or the past and any experience.

Be Present

When anxiety and stress control us they take us into panic mode. Usually this means we do 100 things in mediocrity and none in perfection. When we re-train the mind to pay attention to that which we are currently doing right now, we tend to get through a lot more and we do it well. In practicing this task we can get our mind/brain, over time, to be calmer and more present, thus truly experiencing life to a fuller degree.

Be Gentle and Patient

We have been living in stress and anxiety for a very long time. Most of us really do not know how to relax or be relaxed at all. Do not expect to get this right with one practice run. Some days will be more successful than others, so be gentle and patient, keep practicing being in the moment. Often we will feel an emotion or experience a thought or memory that will trigger stress and anxiety… DO NOT be too quick to suppress it. This is where we build up stress. Sit with it, feel it, experience it. Then discern for yourselves if it is something we can learn from,  it is life threatening, stay with it until you no longer need it to go away. This is how we diffuse stress and anxiety the right way.


When we stress and feel emotions of deep anxiety of the “unknowns” and physical symptoms have no apparent cause, our brain wants to warn us something is wrong and often makes us feel worse. Feelings of something bad that might happen, or worry that you are worried only drives the emotions deeper and further into stress and anxiety. These emotions of stress and anxiety are warnings not predictions of what is to come. We are strong and capable , we always do succeed.  When a situations has passed and we look back we realize we have overcome it and in most cases it did not turn out as threatening as we imagined. The trust in self that things will pass over or work out is the most important.

Remember the brain is not used to thinking this way. It believes the threat and will push Adrenalin through to assist you to survive. Be patient and trust the process to guide your emotions to be in balance.

Meet your Stress and Anxiety head on

This may sound strange and counter productive. But the more we try to change or control something the more energy we expend on it, the more we attract the same energy and the longer we experience it. Try this technique… DO NOT THINK ABOUT A WHITE ELEPHANT. Keep repeating this a few times. See what the mind does, all it can think about is the white elephant.

Anxious thoughts and stress are the same energy, the more we dwell on it the stronger it gets and the deep we fall into it. Instead find time to meet your fears, anxiety and stress face to face, without needing it to go away or change it. Feel the emotions, hear the words replay in your mind, experience it fully. Just be with it. Once your brain realizes that you are not battling it or controlling the emotion, it  will soften and stops sending energy to it. What we pay attention to persists. The more we focus on something, the more it flourishes and expands. So use this same energy in reverse. Use it to create a calm and powerful mind that is not running scared all the time.
This is not an easy task but when we can accomplish this it will be the most life changing experience ever felt.

Stress and Health

Living in constant stress and anxious state will eventually show up in the physical form somewhere. Each is unique and each will have a weak point , weak organ or weak emotion that is unique to each individual. When stress is left unchecked for long periods of time, the body’s weak point will reveal symptoms that are warning signs to deal with the stress. In most case we have un-learned how to listen or hear our body. We either suppress or ignore the signs leading to more serious issues. This is your body warning you… So take the time to listen.

There are many tools we can use to assist ourselves in providing a better lifestyle including natural remedies. Find the tools that work for you by being present, by listening. No one can do this for you, only you can…….


A Gift of 21 Worksheets

We have collaborated with Therapist Aid to provide you with 21 worksheets that can be used to empower you through your journey of breaking the habit of stress and anxiety. 

For everyone purchasing in the month of April we will gift you these 21 worksheets via email. Take your time, it not a race!  Select one of the worksheets and patiently work through them until your reach a place of comfort and security within yourself, then move to the next. Enjoy!


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