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Hypochlorous Acid Is the Skin Care Ingredient You Want to Be Using These Days

A Spray that Costs Pennies and Kills Viruses Instantly

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Stabilising Hypochlorous Acid is emerging in local and international markets as the leading non-toxic, safe sanitiser, but it also provides a ton of skin care benefits in anti-aging , eczema and injuries as well. FDA comments on HOCL- “ the highest bactericidal activity against broad range of microorganism”

Scientist, doctors and healthcare calling for the use of Hypochlorous acid in Britain, China, Hong Kong and Japan. 100 times more effective than bleach, killing germs and viruses instantly




the good, the bad,

and the ugly!

Join us on the journey of Anolyte and Catholyte switching to safe non toxic sanitisers and cleaners

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Introducing the Wonders of Anolyte.
Naturally Safe and Effective

Anolyte is not new and has been around for a long time… Watch the video for more information.

Anolyte and Catholyte. By ECA Technologies

Herba Farmacy in collaboration with ECA Technologies: a trusted organisation in Anolyte and Catholyte production

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